Open Server [FTB Ultimate]AnCraft: FTB for Anarchists and others!

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Jul 29, 2019

AnCraft is a new FTB Ultimate server! We hope to have a decent population of *real* anarchists of all sorts. Anarchism contrary to popular belief is not about chaos or destruction or even lack of rules. Anarchists simply are radical egalitarians that believe all humans are equal and that therefore no human can justly rule over any other human even if they are "elected." Even the market anarchists who advocate trade and free markets are egalitarian in this sense. Since anarchism is such a unified ideology in practice, I figured a FTB server would be great. Self-governance is a must, we have no ops or bans (except if someone comes on and tries to spam or break the server itself.)

All and all anyone is welcome, not just anarchists - so hop on down at:

You can visit our reddit threads here (please upvote if you enjoy the server!):

Thank you so much everyone and have a nice day! :)