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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Big Bad, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    Hi there!

    As you may or may not have already seen, we’ve been practicing our necromancy and have revived and reopened our official storefront. The newest incarnation of the FTB shop has moved to Society6, an online vendor that specializes in working with artists and designers to create high-quality products out of their work.

    You can access the store by either clicking this link or clicking the ‘Shop’ sublink on our website or forums.

    Right now, we’ve got merchandise based around the following packs: Monster, Infinity, Unstable, and Resurrection. This includes posters, t-shirts, hoodies (with and without zippers, front or back prints), mobile device cases and skins, canvas prints, tank tops, framed art, and stationary cards. We’ve also got a promotional Dragon Crest design that we’ll be selling for a limited time available on the previously mentioned products.

    With that being said, we’re looking for some feedback. We’re hoping to offer additional designs to sell in the near future and we’d like to hear your opinions and/or questions you may have. Actually, in fact, if you're a bit tongue-tied, we’ve already got a few questions we’d like to ask you; namely:

    • What FTB packs would you like to see made into products/wearables?

    • What mods or mod authors would you like to see us reach out to in order to create products/wearables based off their work?

    • Would you be interested in more non-pack specific designs like the Dragon Crest?

    • Would you be interested in any of the following: throw pillows, tote bags, rugs, wall clocks, mugs, laptops skins, or iPad cases.

    Oh! But before you all jump on your keyboards to type up some sweet replies, we’ve got some additional information for you all that may answer some of your questions.

    • Some packs have their own stores set up by their creators. Thus, Direwolf20, Agrarian Skies, and Magic Farm products will not be sold on the FTB store.

    • At the moment, toys and electronics are not possible. Neither FTB nor Society6 has the ability to create these.

    • You can find more information about Society6 products here. Yes, they ship worldwide.
    • A standard FTB logo product will be available for sale shortly. They're up now!
    I'll be lurking around taking notes as well as answering any questions and concerns anyone has.

    Thanks guys <3
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  2. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    Is there plans for cases for non-apple mobile devices?
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  3. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    Slim and tough cases for Galaxy S4 and S5 are available right now!
  4. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    You might want to change the name in the sidebar from iPhone & iPod cases to mobile device cases or something like that if you can then
  5. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    I would if I could. All that naming is done through S6's system which sellers can't touch.
  6. Eruantien

    Eruantien New Member

    Applied Energistics, Botania, Equivalent Exchange, Railcraft, Thaumcraft, and Thermal Expansion. And yes.
  7. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    Is there going to be just plain FTB logos available?
  8. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    Dat last bullet point
  9. tfox83

    tfox83 New Member

    Oh oops my bad...
  10. pc_assassin

    pc_assassin New Member

    :eek: my eyes... cannot.... move.... from.... store!

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  11. Bashful Giant

    Bashful Giant New Member

    Will "Retro" designs from the old FTB store be making a comeback?
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  12. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    Like Unleashed, Unhinged, Ultimate, and all that jazz? If there's enough demand for 'em, they'll probably return with reimagined designs.
  13. Gideonseymour

    Gideonseymour Relatable Gamer Trusted User Retired Staff

    Oh, man. I completely forgot to reply to this.
    Horizons would be nice, as I loved that design.
    I'm not certain about many mod authors, but I would be interested in maybe some Third Party Pack authors/teams getting products, especially the more FTB associated ones.
    Most certainly! The Dragon Chest looks excellent!
    Yes, those would be nice!
  14. Wavebrother

    Wavebrother New Member

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  15. yotus

    yotus New Member

    Nice ! I really need to replace my FTB logo shirt that my cats ruined :)

    Beside that, I'd suggest to make ones with the Material Energy^4 logo, it looks really good !
  16. Endercaztle

    Endercaztle New Member

    There should be merch themed by mods, like IC2, BuildCraft or EE3.
  17. asiekierka

    asiekierka Over-Achiever Mod Developer

    Nonononono. Mod authors might not like that.

    If any BuildCraft merch ever happens, I'd rather see it from the BuildCraft site than other sites. Like ComputerCraft does.
  18. Big Bad

    Big Bad Guest

    Any mod/modpack-themed merchandise would have to be granted permission and approved by their developers at multiple stages including allowance of merchandise sale, approval of designs, and cut of sales commissions.

    At no point would you see a product on our store featuring a mod/modpack that hasn't gone through those steps.
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  19. Axis113

    Axis113 New Member

    I'd like to see more items with non-pack specific designs. Also rugs! And mugs! Rugs must be a thing! I just trashed my old rug and it would be amazing to have one with an FTB logo. Mugs would be pretty cool too. I've been looking for a good one for cofee and an Infinity mug would fit nicely.
  20. ThomazM

    ThomazM Phoenix Team Founder

    *tips fedora*
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