FTB News - May 15th, 2015


Big Bad

The wait is over! Back on schedule!

Pack Updates:

Short item on the docket this week! The updated Trident 1.1.0 is available on Curse Voice as well as our Launcher as a non-recommended build. This version contains a big round of various mod updates such as OpenModularTurrets 1.38.8-35, Flan’s Mod 4.10.0, and Battlegear 2

Download the pack and give it a spin!​

FTB Departed Release Date + Stream:

The testing for Departed completed recently and our own Watchful1 has been making some last minute tweaks and changes. Thus, we’re excited to announce that Departed’s release date has been finalized. Travellers, your journey begins May 22nd.

Like Trident, we’ll also be hosting a Release Stream the same day over on our Twitch account (which recently got a bit of a facelift!). We’ll be having a pack showcase as well as a developer and tester Q&A. Final broadcasting time to be announced on Monday.​

Forum Moderators:

As many of you are aware, we were looking to expand its moderation staff to keep up with our ever-growing community of players. A few weeks ago, we opened up nominations and the forums put forth a whole slew of awesome suggestions and recommendations. Today, we’re proud to announce our newest members:

Feed The Beast would like to welcome VapourDrive, Padfoote, and Gideonseymour to the moderation team. Congratulations, guys!

Over the next few days, this intrepid trio will be given their tags and put into active duty.​

Jampacked II Submissions & Judging:

Just a reminder: last week saw the posting of Jampacked II's judging and submission information. If you wish to/are currently participating and haven't checked out the topic, be sure to so! You can view the thread here.​


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I'm glad that I may continue to be a part of the growth of FTB, and I'll point out to those who may be skeptic about having 3 new moderators who are all also Phoenix Team members that we weren't chosen as mods because we are PT members, but for the same reasons that we were chosen for the Phoenix Team in the first place. We are passionate about the community and the modded scene and we want to see both continue to flourish.


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I'm too lazy to download the pack myself; is there any kind of ICBM mod in Trident? You know, missiles? :p
I might like to have one for the future. Preferably, it would run off of RF.