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Open Server FTB monster (closed Server untill further notice)

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Bartna, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    FTB 1.1.2

    100 people

    Pop cap will be increased with more people

    Server Forum

    Bartna - host

    Just an introduction my minecraft name is Bartna and I used to host the "Train2Games" minecraft server until we as a community decided we had best finish our course rather than play minecraft.

    Bartansia Server


    Bartna - Host - Former unofficial Train2Game Server host
    Hannibal_00 - Server admin
    kill3ry0u - Server admin
    Vanroden78 - Admin/Dev

    Admins needed if server population increases

    Grief Protection - Selection tool: Wooden Shovel
    Chest Shop

    --Non-default mods enabled-- use the edit mod pack button to enable these mods
    Blood Magic
    Thaumic Tinkerer KAMI


    Welcome to the Bartansia Server

    - Use a golden shovel to claim your spot, you start off with 100 blocks but you can buy more or earn them by playing the server (going afk stops it)

    - NO Raiding/stealing in the Default world as this will no longer be tolerated but outside the default world is fine

    - Hard Mode

    - Average 19 - 20 TPS

    -Radio channels down unless you install "Not enough codecs" mod from http://www.openblocks.info/. Jazz, Easy Listening, Metal/Rock and more some can be bought in the tavern

    -Mature Players/ or mature playing players

    -No free stuff for votes or donations, there are no shortcuts here

    -Creating your own shops welcome

    -PVE only in the default world (earth) unless we/you make an arena/arenas

    -PVP/Raiding only in outside worlds (nether, deep dark ect) some may get setup

    -Mystcraft is active but he inkmixer is banned, you can buy link pages and unbinded link books at server store

    -The community so far has been very nice, helpful and polite

    -Lets make an awesome community
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2014
  2. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    Just an update that the server now has basic plugins for the commonly used commands
  3. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    Update: Server has been upgraded to 1.05
    I can't find any edit topic button to change the title
  4. kjelfstrom

    kjelfstrom New Member

    are there any of the mods in the pack you dont use?
  5. kjelfstrom

    kjelfstrom New Member

    can i join the server?
  6. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    All mods are active and only the inkmixer is banned but the link pages can be bought
    It has no whitelist so feel free
  7. kjelfstrom

    kjelfstrom New Member

    cool now i was trying to join but it wouldn't let me join
  8. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    That issue has now been sorted out with a restart.
    It seems a random bug with microblocks caused it
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2014
  9. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    Server being updated to 1.07 today
    The end reset
  10. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    Updated to 1.09
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2014
  11. Hannibal_00

    Hannibal_00 New Member

    Hey is it possible to rollback the map to 2014-02-05 3am pacific time? that should be around 11am in London; or at least the chunks around my home? i kinda blew up my base really really bad, like total wipe. only survived because of power armor.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2014
  12. Hannibal_00

    Hannibal_00 New Member

    So I can't get in to the server, I get 'java.io.IOException: Received string length is less than zero! Weird string!' error. must be a bad Idea to put ME drives into a filing cabinet then put that filing cabinet into a chest. Minecraft cant handle the inception i guess. 02/08/14 230am pacific time is last safe time for my chunk if you're using that last method to fix my login, my player file too I guess.

    Yep, after I receive that error once and try again my client just crashes
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2014
  13. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    ok i will deal with it now[DOUBLEPOST=1391858810][/DOUBLEPOST]i would, but the backup has not been made yet so i'm going to need to do it manual, which means destroying problem block
  14. Jnyce283

    Jnyce283 New Member

    hi im interested joining the server but I am looking for a server for mature people and so on and a very active server
  15. Hannibal_00

    Hannibal_00 New Member

    Can't Log in, End of stream error
  16. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    Jnyce: We'v had a few immature players come on now and again which can't be helped as it's an open server but what i can gather by playing with out active members is that most if not all are mature players by nature. The server is based in GMT timezone but most the players are from the US so it's most active around 6PM GMT

    Hannibal: i have reset your base i will have to see what's wrong. i will do it in an hour or 2 and if not then it will be check in about 12 hours time as it's 11PM at the moment
  17. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    hannibal the only solution i can think of is deleting that entire area as something else than what we thought is cause your crash

    Edit: after a bit of research most topics say it's client side not server, you could try reinstalling your FTB files
  18. Hannibal_00

    Hannibal_00 New Member

    I already monster 1.09, but still cant connect
  19. Bartna

    Bartna New Member

    did you try and delete your ftb directory files and reinstall monster from fresh
  20. Hannibal_00

    Hannibal_00 New Member

    I'm going to try some things, but If it doesnt work, could you delete/backup my player file? That might put me back at spawn, I /tp'd to my home last I was online. If I'm the only one crashing though, could you access my chunk? There should be a strongbox containing some Filing Cabinets, take those out and put them in some other storage like a chest and it should/hopefully fix the problem.

    EDIT: Yeah, didn't work, I've deleted the directory and put in some hackish java arguments but I can't log in, says End of Stream
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2014

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