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    Please find below the latest news with regards to the update of the FTB Launcher and Mod Packs.

    Currently the launcher is being further refined and optimised. Upcoming features on the launcher that are currently planned include:

    Private Pack Support (Done): Includes private codes for packs so the modpack list is only populated with the packs you use
    ETA: 1-2 Weeks

    Backdating of maps (Done): This will allow you to see when there is more than one version of a map e.g. the Direwolf20 world maps
    ETA: 1-2 Weeks

    Ability to select between multiple config options for individual mods: e.g. selecting between easy mode and hard mode Gregtech from within the launcher.
    ETA: 3-4 Weeks

    Advanced options for Java and Java Selection. (Done)
    ETA: 1-2 Weeks

    Launcher Skinning: The abilty to create, intall and use various skins for the Launcher.
    ETA: Unknown

    For a full changelog of the launcher please visit:

    Change log

    Currently we are working on several new packs for the FTB Launcher. The following is the latest available news.

    FTBBetaA: The first test pack that was released. This pack will be phased out over the next month or two.

    FTB Ultimate: Waiting on further mods to be updated and released to the public.
    ETA: Unknown

    FTB Map Pack: Waiting on Equivalent Exchange 3, work starting on the map shortly.
    ETA Unknown

    FTB TechWorld: Construction and testing will begin soon.
    ETA 1 week (Very soon)

    FTB Magic World: Released, further mods that we hope to add include Ars Magicka and Mystcraft. This pack will be updated once these mods are updated and ready for release.
    ETA: Unknown (Soon)

    FTB Direwolf20 and FTB Mindcrack: Both released. These packs will be updated upon request by the relevent parties.

    FTB Lite: Pack should go into testing over the next week. I would like to see this pack released in the next week or 2. This is NOT a fixed date but just an internal target. (Very soon)

    From now on we will only be releasing mod pack and launcher updates on a Monday. This does not mean that we will be updating every Monday, just this is when updates will generally be pushed to help admins plan etc. The only exception to this is if a critical update needs to be pushed in an emergency.

    Updated 18/01/13 by captainnana, hopefully some of these things will be pushed on Monday!
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