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FTB Mindcrack Pack Ore Heights

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by TheLoneWolfling, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. TheLoneWolfling

    TheLoneWolfling Well-Known Member

    These are the heights that I know of for ore spawn heights on the Mindcrack pack. If someone could help me track down the rest of them, that would be great.
    • Copper: 40-75
    • Iron: 20-40 (+0-63)
    • Lead: 20-40
    • Silver: 15-35
    • Tin: 25-50
    • Diamonds: 0-16
    • Gold: 0-32
    • Ruby: 0-32
    • Sapphire: 0-32
    • Apatite: 16-88
    • Emerald: 4-32
    • Coal: 0-110
    • Pyrite: 0-64​
    This means that instead of mining on one layer, it looks like people will have to mine on three different heights at a minimum to get all ores. My suggestion would be y14, y30, and y45, at least at a quick glance. It's mainly the copper that's really annoying, though, as it's so much higher than anything else.. Of course, this all becomes mostly irrelevant when one gets a quarry going.
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  2. Bavalos

    Bavalos Member

    Awesome information! This will induce a more thorough world exploration that's for sure instead of diving straight down to y 12. Of course, like you said, all you need is a quarry to get everything, but that will have to be set fairly high if a player wants to get all of the copper.
  3. TheLoneWolfling

    TheLoneWolfling Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
    I'm more concerned about RP2 Tunnel bores...
  4. danny75

    danny75 Active Member

    i have posted this on a separate thread, but didn't slowpoke say you were able to configure ore gen (neptunepink was working on it)...or did i misunderstand?
  5. TheLoneWolfling

    TheLoneWolfling Well-Known Member

    Yes you can, at least with most ores. This is just the default config.
  6. danny75

    danny75 Active Member

    i've tried finding it in the config server files, but no luck. do you mean turning ore gen on and off, or changing how much is spawned in a given area?
  7. OmegaPython

    OmegaPython Popular Member

    It's in the Thermal Expansion config somewhere, and it allows you to customize the generation of TE and vanilla ores.
  8. danny75

    danny75 Active Member

    ah yes, thanks. shame, i was wanting to tweak bauxite gen.
  9. lewtz

    lewtz Active Member

    I've gotten sapphire just now at 50, along with iron. I have not tweaked anything. This is default Mindcrack FTB.
  10. Zaik

    Zaik Active Member

    I believe Thaumcraft's infused ores start at 50 and go down to 15 or so?

    At least they did in the magic world pack, dunno if that's changed.
  11. TheLoneWolfling

    TheLoneWolfling Well-Known Member

    Ahh. The settings add to default config, but don't replace it.
  12. Totalepicfailz

    Totalepicfailz New Member

    Can you confirm that tin generates at level 45? it says it can show up between 50-25 but i have been mining at level 45 for ages and not found any...
  13. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    I found just a little bit of Tin very close to level 50.
  14. Totalepicfailz

    Totalepicfailz New Member

    guess i will have to just keep looking then, or try a bit lower down xD I love that there is less generated but at the moment i'm finding it hard to find enough ore to make even the most basic stuff
  15. madaffacca

    madaffacca Well-Known Member

    Tin is a pain! It's almost rarer than diamond for me! I usually hang around in cave systems, so no y12 tunneling, but I found 10 diamonds and 6 tin so far (mined for around 1 hour)
  16. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    I've been far luckier with Tin than I have Copper so far.
  17. PrinnyCastGrover

    PrinnyCastGrover Active Member

    I've been stupid lucky and found nearly a stack of iron, and tin in a matter of a hour. Copper is a different story...
  18. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Popular Member

    I presume the rarity is because all but one mod (bc?) has worldgen for tin, copper, lead and silver disabled, in addition to the height limitations. Anybody using factorization is going to be crippled by lack of lead and silver
  19. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    They used the very powerful ore generation customization options added to Thermal Expansion to adjust ore levels to where they thought it was appropriate. The rarity is more of a problem of ores not being where people are used to digging, and mining habits have yet to be adjusted accordingly.

    Factorization is the only potential problem, and that's IF they actually disabled its generation.
  20. DoctorOr

    DoctorOr Popular Member

    I can guarantee they disabled factorization spawn, because its in the config, and the amount of silver for mirrors and lead for everything else will make this an issue if you use factorization.

    I've seen the config for Thermalcraft to set where the metals spawn, and other messages here about it, but it's either affecting how much spawns as well, or Buildcraft is itself. BC seems to spawn less tin and copper than IC2 or RP individually would. And much much much much less than BC+IC2+RP would normally in combination. So if you're using all three in your game, then you're going to be out of metals. I know in 1.4.2 I was constantly out of tin and copper both, and that was of course without RP.

    You can turn the RP and Factorization spawns back on with no problem - and I've verified that the RP and BC ores happily worldgen together, but IC2 as configured conflicts with BC and can't have its spawn turned back on.

    Alternatively, you can expect to mine more. A lot lot more.

    Alterna Altneratively, is the Gregtech industrial centrifuge of lava which now provides copper instead of iron.

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