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FTB Infinity; Trouble with IC2e Coolant.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Elteras, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Elteras

    Elteras New Member

    Hey there.

    I'm absolutely stumped. FTB Infinity seems to use Industrialcraft 2 Experimental, of which there seems to be almost no accurate information about out there, and using NEI to work out recipes gets me only so far. At the moment I've tried everything I can think of, from looking things up online, using or trying to adapt recipes/methods from normal IC2, and using NEI, to make a 10k coolant cell, but I just can't seem to work it out. Does anyone have any idea how to make one of these?
  2. gallowglass

    gallowglass New Member

    You need to put lapis and water in some sort of fluid canning machine.... I am at work and don't have the details with me...
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  3. Elteras

    Elteras New Member

    Tried that. Doesn't seem to work. Energy is supplied, as are empty cells and lapis dust, tried all the modes, tanks are full of water, nothing happens.
  4. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

  5. Elteras

    Elteras New Member

    Yes, I found that a long time ago and no, it didn't help. Either I'm doing something wrong, or the recipe is a little different.

    I've spent a long time looking around. Has anybody *actually* made a 10k coolant cell using IC2e?
  6. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    several times.

    • Are you using the solid/fluid canning machine in enrich mode? I think that's the real machine to use. Your gui should look very similar to the one in DriftinFool's link.
    • Is water or distilled water successfully getting into the left tank?
    • Is the right tank acquiring any of the new liquid?
  7. Elteras

    Elteras New Member

    Hey there.

    Just to confirm, you're using IC2e, not another version of IC2?

    Right. I am using the right machine, the gui looks very similar (adjusted for the texture pack I'm using). I'm trying to use it in enrich mode (although have tried all modes).

    My machine is powered by a generator, and also has a battery in it. Both tanks are completely full: I filled the left tank using an adjacent pump, and the right one by putting in buckets of water in the "Drain from Cell into Tank" mode, so I have 8000mB of water in each.

    From here, I put it to fluid enrich (Tank or Cell) mode, with 24 lapis lazuli dust in the middle, and 3 Empty Cells. Nothing happens. Have tried putting in more of each, and then only one cell and 8 dust, just to see if there's maybe a bug relating to quantities.

    Gonna keep fiddling with it. I'm assuming you are using IC2e, so I guess I'm maybe doing something wrong. Will try switching around how I'm powering it, or the positions of machines, which has been what I've done wrong in the past.
  8. Elteras

    Elteras New Member

    Edit: Hurrah and huzzah, with highly polished brass knobs on. Sorry for wasting your time; it seems that the issue was that I'd filled up the right tank; when I filled the left one but left the right one empty, it started working. Very strange. Thanks for trying to help, and if a mod could delete this thread, I'd appreciate it. Thanks again :)
  9. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    hah, no way. This is Knowledge Base now, its good information for everyone :)
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  10. Elteras

    Elteras New Member

    Eh, well, why not. Random question; finally finished my Advanced Electric Jetpack (that's what I needed the coolant cells for), but it's only 1/27 durability. Was this a mistake on my part using an Electric Jetpack with low durability, thereby meaning that this one will break very soon? Or is it supposed to be like that? Is there any easy way to repair it without, yknow, making another one?
  11. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    I could be wrong but I think the jetpack stored its energy as durability. When its recharged it will be back to full durability.

    Yes, this is silly if true :)
  12. Elteras

    Elteras New Member


    Now off to make four energy crystals for an MFE to charge it with.... *cries*
  13. Boboss70

    Boboss70 New Member

    I struggled myself in making some coolant cells... You will need 8 lapis lazuli dusts to make one coolant cell in the Solid/Fluid Canning Machine. I put too little at the beginning and pulled my hair in trying to figure out why it was not working...
  14. mathchamp

    mathchamp New Member

    Note that if you decide to use distilled water instead of normal water, you'll only require 1 lapis dust rather than 8.
  15. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    Also you can't just export lapis into it to keep a stock of coolant in the tank and only fill a cell when you need it.

    You have to put 8 dust(or just one if using distilled water) and an empty cell in at the same time to get one coolant cell
  16. kerak370

    kerak370 Guest

    Actually, it's not as dumb as it seems. Coding wise it's really the easiest way to code in "charge" as minecraft does not have a recharge code. It stops the device from using anything at one durability, preventing it from breaking at all. The more clever mod designers hide it by removing durability in general, I can't recall if draconic evolution does that or not but it works on a similar system. The only one I know for certain that doesn't is the dark steel stuff, and even then it's just two durability meters back to back. Btw following this coding Tinker's construct does the same thing, just different repair methods.
  17. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Two years later: no worries, I didn't consider it dumb, just "silly" from a player's perspective, particularly since the durability variable is frequently exposed to the end user. (If it were all under the hood, it wouldn't be nearly as silly)
  18. kerak370

    kerak370 Guest

    Yeah, it is easy enough to hide I think. I think at the time they just didn't think about durability, or thought it might be a bit easier to understand than the charge systems (since the players were already acquainted with it.)
  19. WuffleFluffy

    WuffleFluffy New Member

    This is a bit of an issue, but it's fairly easy to solve.

    Here's what I do to make IC2 coolant (for making overclocker upgrades):

    1. Grind up (In Macerator) 8 Lapis into Lapis dust
    2. Make generic fluid cell
    3. Make infinite water source (various methods, I use the usual 3 x 1 trench)
    4. Right click the MIDDLE source water block with fluid cell
    5. On the Canning machine's UI, select 'Fill tank from cell' mode
    6. Insert the Fluid filled cell, it will be drained of water and you will have an empty cell returned
    7. Now, here's the important bit, select 'Enrich' mode on the canning machine
    8. You will notice that the machine has 'two tanks' one on the right and one on the left, the water you just filled the machine with may be in the right-side tank
    9. There is an option on the canning machine UI to 'swap tanks', click this once, you will now see the water tank move to the left side
    10. Now, it's time to create the IC2 coolant!, you need to decide now if you want to produce a 'coolant cell' or simply fill right-side tank with coolant, if you are just wanting a coolant cell, insert your (now empty) coolant cell into the machine (shift-right click should do the job), the cell will be in the right-side box above the right-side tank.
    11. Now, insert the 8 lapis dust.

    The machine will now spend a few moment 'processing' the coolant, depending on the texture pack you are running you will see some arrows on the UI. The canning machine will
    always attempt to fill any empty cell you have inserted before it's internal tank

    You should now have a cell filled with IC2 coolant, to make a '10k' coolant cell you can take this cell and in a crafting grid use four tin item casings (top, bottom, left, right) and you have a 10k coolant cell, you should also get your IC2 generic cell back too.

    If you forgot to put your empty cell into the machine when you processed your IC2 coolant, don't panic, simply change the machine mode (via the UI for the canning machine) to 'empty from tank', insert your empty fluid cell and (possibly) swap the tanks so the IC2 coolant is in the left tank, and the cell will be filled with coolant.

    I hope this helps, those who know more about IC2 than me, please let me know if above steps are not correct and i'll update my post.


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