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Open Server FTB Infinity 1.3.4 ▌ 24/7 ▌ No White list ▌Nothing Banned! ▐ GriefPrevention ▌ [PVE] ▌ Mature

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Daxtillion, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Daxtillion

    Daxtillion New Member

    Server IP:

    Dynamic Map:


    We are a new Feed The Beast Infinity server as of (25.2.15) currently running:
    [UPDATE] Modpack Version [1.3.4]
    We are looking for mature players (18+) interested in joining a consistent friendly community
    we ask that all players maintain a mature and friendly manner between interactions amongst other players to preserve our close knit and friendly community.
    The only server rules are to respect the other players and their work, with NO banned items
    Out server is run out of Los Angeles (USA) via a 1GBS uplink, making international connection an ease, currently supporting a majority of our player base from Australia.
    Our mature, friendly and experienced Admin staff are happy to help to make sure that
    the playing experience is as best as it can be.
    We look forward to seeing you all on soon!
    Grief Prevention
    World Border

    Dynamic Map
    ■ Essentials
    ■ Clear Lagg
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  2. Daxtillion

    Daxtillion New Member

    Server Updated to 1.3.4! :)
  3. Daxtillion

    Daxtillion New Member

    Apologies for server down time yesterday!
    cause of the crash has been identified, fixed and prevented!
    Thanks for your patience :)
  4. Daxtillion

    Daxtillion New Member

    Server World Boarder has been extended! to a 3000b Radius! :)
  5. Daxtillion

    Daxtillion New Member

    Sorry for Server Down time this morning!
    Unfortunately MystCraft has been temporarily disabled due to stability issues in conjunction with other mods..
    right now there is no ETA for its return

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