Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.0 w/ Mekanism and Ars Magicka 2|Whitelist|Mature|24/7 uptime|No banned items or cha

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Radical Inquisitor

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I have recently started an FTB Infinity 1.2.0 server with AM2 and Mekanism added in. The mods folder for the server will be provided via a mediafire link for anyone whitelisted along with the server info. More mods may be added in the future depending on player demand.

I am looking for a few fairly active players, the goal is to have about 2-10 people on at any given time, however we will be starting with only 10 or so available slots as we learn the limits of what the server can reasonably handle. No banned items. No monetization. PvP only if everyone agrees to it beforehand.

General rules:

Don't lag the server with anything too crazy

Try not to crash the server

Don't destroy or steal things that aren't yours

Don't create mystcraft ages (Unless the admin says you can, of course.)

Don't be a dick

Would like to keep the server above 18+ but age does not always necessarily equal maturity. Post your IGN for whitelist.