FTB forum Avatar and Minecraft Skin help

Zein Eizoku

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum here. I hate to be a leech and jump on that, "can you draw me something" bandwagon. However, I am busy with planning out my mod and working and life. If anyone has some free time and would like to message me for some more details as to what I would like. Feel free, I would appreciate it :) just a simple Avatar for here, I love my Castlevania death, but I would like something more personal. Also goes for my Minecraft skin. If you could do it for free that would be great haha but I am not opposed to monetary compensation. Being an artist myself, I know how it feels doing things for free. Thanks again everyone, have a wonderful evening/morning/night.

Zein out :p