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New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Server info:


So before getting to the applications, I'd like to tell a bit about the server beforehand, so you can get a good look as to what you're getting into, by applying to the server or simple just stepping in for a little visit. Which is perfectly fine as we're looking for new players as well.

Basically, the server is brand new, started up a little over a week ago, well two weeks, but I spent a week preparing it and making it ready for public, so people can join and it became public as of last week. So far there has been a decent amount of players on, but I'm looking to step it up a little.

The server is running FTB Direwolf20's pack, v. 1.0.3. Meaning that if you would like to play on the server, you'll have to install the Feed The Beast launcher and from there, pick the Direwolf20 pack, REMEMBER to downgrade it to 1.0.3.

Server Website:
Server Ranks:
Server Rules:
Server IP:

Pictures of spawn:



Goal for the server:

The players on the server so far, really hits my goal, a friendly and welcoming community, I have been witness to a lot of server where the new players are treated like garbage, I myself, have been a victim of this. Therefore I saw to it, that I would want to create a server, where this doesn't happen, and it is being taken very seriously.

Also, the server is still an on-going project, and like most other servers, it will continue to be, it will continue to expand, improve and learn from its mistakes. I will do my very best to keep this server going, both for the players and for myself.

Staff application:

So far the server has been run by one player only, therefore some staff to be put in to remove some of the stress would definitely be of help.

If you wish to apply for a staff title for the server, you are more than welcome to do so, and there are several titles and I'm sure one of them will fit you.

The thing is, I am kind of picky when it comes to choosing staff members.. (I even declined an IRL friend.) Simply because I couldn't see him being serious enough for such a thing, so I expect the people to be serious about this.

But first I'd like to tell what I'm looking for in a staff member, is someone who's mature, knows how to take charge when needed, a patient person and someone who knows how to deal with situations, ALSO, a very important thing, is to know a good amount of English, definitely a must.. Of course the staff member won't have to be active 24/7, I understand that personal matters comes first, and I won't expect the staff to be on duty all the time while being online, but if something happens and there is a staff member needed, I expect them to step in.

Which positions we're looking for:
(Not necessary but could be useful)
The builders job will be to build areas that are made public for the players.
Also an idea is for them to build houses, mansions, castle, you name it, for the players to buy.

Helper (Not too necessary either but would be nice)
The helper will be mainly just a chat-moderator.
They will need to keep the chat / forum clean and friendly.
Guide new players if they need it, and answer questions that anyone might have.
In case of emergencies, they'll need to forward issues such as griefing and hacking to moderators, admins or the owner.

Moderator (Definitely needed - 2 to 5 of these)
Has the responsibilities of the Helper.
Help out those who need it and answer questions from the people on the server.
Listen to ideas from the players, suggest ideas as well.
Keep an eye out for suspicious people, look out for griefing.
Keep the chat clean and friendly.
Kick and ban players who need this. (Gather evidence / screenshots of what they did.)
Try to remain active on the forum.

Admin (A must - 1 to 2 of these)
All the helper and moderator tasks.
Assist moderators, helpers, builders and players if needed.
Keep control over the different worlds to make sure they run smoothly.
Solve issues that occur. (Lag related, griefing, abusing, exploiting, etc.)
Help with design of the server and the website. (Goes for all the ranks, but mainly admin.)

A couple of other positions that are also needed, are things like: YouTuber, Plugin Developer / Coder / Maintainer, GFX Artists, Co-Owner and even more, you name it.[/spoiler]

In-game name:

Real name:



Previous experience as staff:

Knowledge about plugins:

About yourself:


Other: (If there's something you feel I need to know, or perhaps show some pictures of your previous work, if not, ignore this.)

Once you filled out the application above, you can either just simply post it here, or you can message me it on the Enjin website.
My profile:

After receiving it, I will most likely make contact with you, if I find the application to my liking, so leave a way for me to contact you, also, I do ask that you please take this seriously, since I do.

Sorry for the long post, but yeah as mentioned a few times, I do take this seriously, and running this minecraft server is of high priority, so thank you for taking the time to read it, and please, if you wish to visit the server, don't hesitate. :)


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
In-game name: mau_galaxy

Real name:Mauricio


Location:puerto Rico

Previous experience as staff:None :(

Knowledge about plugins:I know how to work with the //wand

About yourself:I love minecraft,playing with friends and im kind of a gamer.:confused:

Hope you accept me if not well thanks anyway for reading the app. Also i would like to apply for moderator.