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Private Pack FTB-Craft || Minecraft 1.5.2 || Extended v11.7 || MyTown || No whitelist

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Nozart, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Nozart

    Nozart Active Member


    Extended Pack:
    IP: mc.ftbcraft.com (
    Difficulty: Hard (please atleast know basic vanilla and basic modusage on join)

    Raidcall: http://www.raidcall.com/go.php?sid=5166918
    Frequent used stream: http://www.twitch.tv/craft_tv
    Forums: http://ftbcraft.com

    To join this awesomeness, please check this spoiler for updates (players will notice when not able to join our server)

    For information about howto join, please contact us in one of the following ways:

    • FTB-Craft @ espernet on mIrc (fastest way)
    • Streamchat of Craft TV
    • PM Sp0nge and/or Nozart on these forums (this is the slowest way)
    • Or use OJ3TGHBT1O ;)

    • Advanced Machines
    • Advanced Solar Panels
    • Advance Power Systems
    • Applied Energistics
    • BiblioCraft
    • BrainTech
    • BuildCraft
    • Charge Pads
    • Chest Transporter
    • Code Chicken Core
    • ComputerCraft
    • Electric Expansion
    • Enderstorage
    • Essentia Everything
    • Extra Bees
    • ExtraBiomesXL
    • Factorization
    • Forestry
    • Forge
    • Foriendsoverlay
    • Gravitation Suite
    • GregTech Mod
    • Harvest Craft
    • IC Addon: Combo Armors
    • IC2
    • IC2 NuclearControl
    • Immibis TubeStuff
    • InfiCraft
    • Iron Chests
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Jammy Furniture
    • McCapes (mod made by us, listed as coremod)
    • Mekanism
    • MFFS
    • Millenare
    • Mo'Creatures
    • Modular Powersuits
    • Mouse Tweaks
    • NEI
    • NEI Plugins
    • Obsidiplates
    • PetroGen
    • Plugins for Forestry 2
    • Railcraft
    • Rei's minimap
    • Runic Dust mod
    • Season Mod
    • Smart Moving
    • StevesCart
    • Thaumcraft
    • Thaumic Bees
    • ThermalExpansion
    • The Twilight Forest
    • Universal Electricity
    • Valve Pipes (and more!)
    • Wireless Redstone CBE
    All permissions have been sorted for this under diff licenses and PM`s! Legal baby!
    (Current modlist NOT 100% updated in this thread, will be shortly)

    MyTown: Similar to Towny just for forge. Set a mayor or assistant, add members to claim more land!
    Multiple chatchannels just like HeroChat, easy to use (uppercases are dissabled for new users due to spam)
    Customized mobspawning to enshure that you WILL encounter mobs while exploring, watch your back!
    Entitycontroll, making us able to remove entities on the ground, and monitor where leaks might be so we can fix them

    Q: Why not use whitelist to ensure greifers cant join?
    A: Who say they got a banrecord, who dont add 2 years on theyre age if there is an agelimit, and why bother using time on the forums, when its much more fun to play (i know, i know, the free bumps would be awesome ...)?
    Thanks Alphaest

    Here at FTB-Craft we want to run a server which is how we envision how FTB should be played. This means hard but very rewarding gameplay (It's worth mentioning how excited we were when Gregtech was included into the modpack). We want the game to be rewarding as the key goal. We have already got a player base from beta FTB and are hoping to expand with the full release.

    A member, by the name of thebad300, of the FTB-Craft community is making a lets play series of his time on the server. If you want to have a looksee of what we can offer here's the first episode and his channel:


    Any questions, or need help, join irc.esper.net at www.esper.net, and join #ftb-craft, speak to an op.

    No asshatting
    Use common sense
    If you think something may be wrong, ask before doing it
    Have fun

    Some tips:
    Don't build close to spawn
    Playing with friends is much more fun
    Protect yourselfe with MyTown
    Server is preffed for experienced players!

    If you need staff in game ask:

    We run Raidcall as a voice client (it's like teamspeak), you can get it here:
    Once installed click the link at the top to join our Raid call.

    Big thanks to GraphicRabbit for the images in this post and a big thanks to thebad300 for making a lets play and allowing me to use in this post. Also amazing <3 too Alphaest for custom plugins

  2. Nozart

    Nozart Active Member

    Media section
    Guy called Deathbringer1128 decided to make a lets play :D
    Check his main channel here and his first video!

    Common Streams to watch out for

    As any other thing in this world, the server hosting costs money. And for that we need your help. All donations are going to bring the best quality gameplay to our players. Any excess will go to our custom mods developer and then to other mod developers.


    Donation sums will stack if donating multiple times
    If for some reason we have to do a reset, all donations younger than 2 weeks will carry over

    Resident multiplier:
    How many residents the donator will be counted as

    Mayor multiplier
    Sets how many blocks the town gets per resident if this nodes owner is the mayor
    Yellow <3 as a tag after theyre nick ingame
    Player is given a MyTown resident multiplier of 4
    Player is given a MyTown mayor multiplier of 2
    Gold <3 as a tag after theyre nick ingame
    Player is given a MyTown resident multiplier of 4
    Player is given a MyTown mayor multiplier of 4
    Able to use capital letters in global chat channels
    Set chatfocus to the helpchannel (/ch h)
    Red <3 as a tag after theyre nick ingame
    Player is given a MyTown resident multiplier of 8
    Player is given a MyTown mayor multiplier of 8
    Access to the plotsystem (give/grant to other residents) that is build into MyTown
    Can use the command to be teleported to his own town spawn set by the mayor or any town assistant
    Purple <3 as a tag ingame
    Player is given a MyTown resident multiplier of 8
    Player is given a MyTown mayor multiplier of 16
    Can use the command to be teleported to other town spawns set by the mayor or any town assistant
    Pink <3 as a tag after theyre nick ingame
    Player is given a MyTown resident multiplier of 10
    Player is given a MyTown mayor multiplier of 32
    Granted an Embassyplot at spawn

    This wiki is NOT completed by far. Not all commands will work for all types of players!
    This section is designed to give the basic information needed to get started with MyTown. This part will not cover the more advanced aspects. Please check the correct section for more information. All commandusage is /t ingame
    These commands can be used by any player, regardless if a resident of a town or not
    This will toggle your chat to show claimed/unclaimed land as you walk around the map. This is really usefull in combination with REI`s chunkgrid to determin where a town is and whats claimed or not. NOTE: Chat will be unreadable while walking
    Will provide information about that town like:
    • Townblocks [claimed/total]
    • Nation town belongs to (currently not a working feature)
    • Mayor, assistants and residents
    • Players online of that town is shown in []
    Will list total number of towns, all town names and the numbers of residents in each town
    Shows information of the playername given:
    • Date and time joined the server
    • Last time online (if not allready online)
    • Member of what town, and what townrank that player has in that town
    Will add or remove a player ingame to your friendlist. This is used for the more advanced permissionsetup. Check the correct section for setting up friendperms
    Will teleport you to that towns spawn. For usage the following conditions needs to be forfilled:
    • Townmayor/Assistant have set a town spawn for that town
    These commands can not be used by a player thats allready resident of another town
    Will create a new town on the chunk currently standing on with the desired name
    Used to accept an invitation from a mayorof a town
    Declines an invitation from a town to join them
    These commands can only be used by a player that a resident of a town
    Will list the current players thats online in your town
    This is the basic command to access the permissionsettings. This will be explained in another section
    These commands are for players that has been assigned as assistant of the town mayor
    This command will claim the chunk that the player is standing on, and only that chunk. One claim will use up 1 of the total amount of claim a town has for disposal. Its possible to add a variable of how large of a radius should be autoclaimed from the playerlocation (this will EAT up avalible chunks so use with care)
    This command works just as the claimcommand, but it will unclaim the current chunk, and free up the total amount of avalible chunks that again can be used to claim elsewhere
    Will promt a question to that player if he wants to join your town. Only players not allready in a town can be added, and they can choose to eihter accept or decline as they want
    This will kick that player without the player himselfe has anything to say from that town
    This command will set the town spawn. There is only 1 spawn per town
    This will assign the plot that your are currently standing on to that player. To assign multiple plots the command has to be repeated on all chunks
    This will let a mayor choose who has access to the assistantcommands of his town
    Command used to assign another mayor to the town
    Will rename your current town to a name of your choosing
    Will just delete your town. All data about the town will be lost, so remaking the town wont add back the players that your town originally had. They will have to be readded and if using plots, those has to be reassigned aswell
    This section will going indepth on how its possible to set up a town with all the different permissionsettings.
    Most of the commands here can be used in combinations when setting permissions. Keep in mind, this is rather advanced so typing correctly is important
    This will list the current permissions set for the variable added. This will only show permissionsettings for your town/plot/friends. Only the 9 first settings are settings that players have access to change using more advanced commands
    This commandcombination will give you a list of the possible supported values that you can use to alternate your settings that you find in the 4 first line when using the basic command. These values goes for town, plots and
    None, Enter, Loot, Access, Build
  3. Geoguy180

    Geoguy180 New Member

    At last! Verified! And good to see new FTB, thanks goes out to all you guys who have been working on it. :D
  4. BrickedKeyboard

    BrickedKeyboard Active Member

    Alright. This sounds like the kind of server I'm looking for!
  5. Sp0nge

    Sp0nge Well-Known Member

    It will at ALL time hard, we prefer no newcommers on it ....
  6. Nozart

    Nozart Active Member

    As an FYI guys, when joining raid call, feel free to join the Feed The Beast channels! And feel free to speak to anyone, we are all friendly! :D
  7. Borisen5038

    Borisen5038 New Member

    Sp0nge here's what I gathered:

    Some reverted greg-tech items are not allowing to be crafted. Ie: water mills, macerators (on our server atleast)
    GregTech 2.03b
    Ic2 1.108.71-lf

    The recipe shown on the right is showing the older versions.
    Using a standard crafting table make the item using the older recipes.
    You'll see the table recognizes the item you try and make and it shows as made.
    Try and take the item from the crafting table. It will disappear from your cursor and the crafting table is reset with the components and final item in place.
  8. BrickedKeyboard

    BrickedKeyboard Active Member

    Boris : go into your client and change this file : gregtech.cfg

    # usefullrecipes

    usefullrecipes {
    Make those all true. Now you will see the right recipes. Your client mistakenly thinks that the old recipes will work : it's an error in the modpack.
  9. Borisen5038

    Borisen5038 New Member

    Checked my config file and it was all set to use gregtechs additions.
  10. serjo43

    serjo43 Active Member

    too much lagg on this server QQ and i realy like the server
  11. Nozart

    Nozart Active Member

    Can you give me the time you played? I've been asking around and apparently it was fine the hour before this was posted? Can you describe the lag please? :)
  12. May i ask why no computercraft and Mystcraft Im looking for a good server but just wanna know why these are disabled?

    Thanks matt
  13. BrickedKeyboard

    BrickedKeyboard Active Member

    Computercraft : this mod does not work for any server that has anyone you don't know. This is because CC programs, if written by a n00b or a griefer, can bring an entire server down.

    Also, computercraft is not balanced. None of the items in the mod (the computers, the turtles, etc) cost appreciable amounts of resources. Anyone could get a computer and several mining turtles within 1 hours of starting play.

    The intention is that since you have to write complex software for the turtles to be useful, it ends up taking more time to mess with turtles than to say, build a quarry. But in practice, you merely have to go to the forums and copy-paste a mining program someone else wrote, and you can be destroying the world an hour after you logged in.

    Mystcraft lets you consume all the server's disk space and memory by freely creating tons and tons of extra worlds. A book requires, well, a book and a feather.
    Nozart likes this.
  14. Geoguy180

    Geoguy180 New Member

    Guys! Please come and join http://esper.net/publicirc.php and join channel #ftb-craft, so far not to many people know abut it, only 5 ish. And there are more then that online! So come and join, say hi, and then we can keep you up to date about any crashes, restarts or changes! :D
    -Happy Playing
  15. Nozart

    Nozart Active Member

    Someone get this man a medal
  16. chayt6986

    chayt6986 New Member

    Is there any point me joining again , u always start to faraway from spawn
  17. Geoguy180

    Geoguy180 New Member

    There is always a point in joining! People only go far away from spawn so others don't find their bases!
  18. Nozart

    Nozart Active Member

    You'll have to move far from spawn on any of these servers if my friend. The lack of plugins is the reason
  19. Nozart

    Nozart Active Member

    Sorry about the reset, up now
  20. Cryght

    Cryght Active Member

    theres No hostile mobs, no passive mobs at all.

    only food you have access to is plant base.. otherwise no meat. no cows or chickens or even sheep for wool, no wool at all..

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