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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by eSanity, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. eSanity

    eSanity New Member

    (I'm not sure if this is the right category to post in but we'll see)

    What is one (or more) of the epic systems/builds you are going to make?

    The most epic thing that I can come up with right now is ; a HUGE sorting room + Overflow Room that is connected to a RP2 autocrafting system that can only craft things with the items/resources in the Overflow room ;)

    Main mod items/blocks that are going to be crafted there are RP2 and probably RC2 ;)

    Post your epic ideas of epicness!
  2. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 Active Member

    Can't you just use logistics pipes for that? :D
  3. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    Err, isn't autocrafting part of BC instead of RP?
    I am confused now...

    Well, I guess that a giant sorting system means that every single item in the game is auto sorted, not just the really common as we all do, so that would take quite a lot of time.

    Well, can't say that I did better with my automation of HV solars on 1.2.5 (EE2, BC and logistic pipes for the win)
  4. DraigoDragon

    DraigoDragon Active Member

    The only machine's I can make are copying other people's machine's like direwolf's machine's >.>

    I suck Is pretty much what I'm saying
  5. aanthony3

    aanthony3 Active Member

    I love logi pipes but sometimes they make life too easy. I plan on making a giant autocrafting and sorting room with rp2 and maybe a giant tunnel bore for resources too. :D
  6. eSanity

    eSanity New Member

    With the managers you can keep a supply in an Autocrafting Table MKII (RP2 Compactible Crafting Table) and with another manager set on the output on the MKII table you can pull things out of the Crafting Table ;)
    It's easier with logi pipes, but RP2 is awesome ;D But I'll make sure that I first have a way of getting enormous amounts of resources ^-^ (RP2 Miner all da way)
  7. Vegoraptor

    Vegoraptor Active Member

    I have plans to build a flying fortress, made entirely out of forcefields (camo of course) to be reachend over night by a frameship with beds (to avoid "fall"damage when going up), containing a selfrefilling resource room where everything is, directly or indirectly, made out of UUM, and, if I can get CCTV to run, the main controlroom of my whole world(s, depending on CCTV and WR working interdimensional).
    By the way, maybe "General Discussion" might have been better, but no problem.
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  8. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    It seems a bit too much like Direwold's bomber (near the end of the last SSP season), but it's always cool to build with frames anyway.
  9. Vegoraptor

    Vegoraptor Active Member

    Nah, only the elevator is made out of frames, the fortress itself is immobile.
    Also, it is neither in the End nor dropping nukes. :D
  10. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    Yeah the logi pipes are awesome but past versions have been unstable like the tele pipes, if a map unloads, ie go to neather the pipes may well have strange issues on map reload, so I often go rp for sorting, auto crafting is a lot harder in rp you need BC/chests/engines & a lot of spare mats, the easy way to setup an auto crafting network is with logi pipes & mk2/modules, lets hope there more stable now, & with the new core mechanics of map loading (stay loaded on map exit), & even mystcraft world mechanics, this may all be repaired & working fine, I have been way to busy this week to test all the alpha/beta's out this week, hehe & I still have a ton of work to do around the house, my hope is all the mods will be final or near it by the time I have the free time to start test & some major builds or even a nice friendly server, one thing I have noticed with my limited play/test time is that most all the major mods seem far more interchangeable & complement each other more than in the past, oh & factalisation or what ever its called may well be one of the core mods we all use soon, it has so much potential for me the core are RP/IC/BC/Iron Chests, yes we do get spoiled dont we :p, there are then around 15 mods I like to have, myst/nie/pg being the tops of the rest.

    plz remember this is only my humble opinions.
  11. eSanity

    eSanity New Member

    I'm also trying to learn more and more LUA ;D Made my first goto program without GPS :) now trying to intergrate this Goto program with a swarm of turtles that are going to eat the world ^-^
  12. kev12east

    kev12east Well-Known Member

    I plan on making a giant frame base (requires edit of config). it will be self fueling, with the ability to dig into the ground to hide. I will also come up with a way to detect rain, witch will cause lightning rods to be extended from the ship's hull to gain EU/MJ. also will have an auto-crafter to make any item i wish. I hope to find a way to move the thing across dimensions to make it be like the Deadaleus that appeared over Atlantis that was from another dimension. I plan on making all the lights and non-machine blocks be from xycraft. also plan on adding an aura manipulator move a giant pure node along with me to do my thuamcraft.
  13. Pharro

    Pharro New Member

    Well today with the help of a few friends we've just built our first always-on fusion reactor. Well not completely finished. Need to finish building the process of emptying the helium cells from the fusion process into a tank and putting the empty cells back into the cycle.

    This project took us a little over a week. I handled automating the fuel system. One of my friends handled the Fusion reactor design and implementation. And my other friend was there to support whatever we needed.

    To give a quick break down...
    Hydrogen Cells are created - starting the whole process. 2 Liquid Transposers empty the hydrogen into a tank. Then 3 Liquid Transposers withdraw from the hydrogen tank and send the hydrogen cells to the Deuterium (20) centrifuges. The process repeats and the Deuterium is emptied into another tank. 1 Liquid transposer is then used to withdraw from that tank and send to the Tritium processing area. Another Liquid tansposer is used to send the Deuterium to the fusion reactor. In the last stage, the Tritium is again emptied into another tank and another liquid transposer withdraws from that tank to send to the fusion reactor.

    The fuel processing center takes about 3 (we doubled that to insulate against night/rain) HV solars to keep continuously running. We have a 36xHP boiler fueling powering all the liquid transposers. Which now that the fusion reactor is up and running we can replace the Solars with the power from the fusion reactor.

    All said and done I <3 Thermal expansion as it allows us to build a fuel processing center fairly far away from the actual fusion reactor and Iron Tanks.

    You can't see it here, but the tank next to the lava is for the Tritium.

  14. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    Good luck with all the microblocks.
  15. MeinerEiner

    MeinerEiner New Member

    Sometimes small Builds are extremly usefull
    And something bigger:
    A Quarry does take a long time at 64x64 to reach the ground and at 9x9 i have to replace at to often.
    So lets automate that :D
    5 BC Quarrys (and a bucket of Water) get deployed, destroy the landscape, blockbreaker sucks them in and move on.
    135 Blocks wide

    But how to automate the movement?
    I hate programing. I am not to stupid and with some searching it would work in the end but i just cant do that.
    So in need some colored sheep (using UU mater to get brown...) and red power logic
    Some time later:
    On the left side just outside is a butten that starts the logic. The next step is automating the itemflowdetection so the movement starts on its own.
  16. Antice

    Antice Well-Known Member

    next step is easy.
    put an item detector on the output from the quarry, then have it pulse to the input on a slow timer.
    that way you can say that if there is no within a 5 minute window, then move the quarry over to the next spot.

    Also: I love the way you use circuits instead of a computer for this. this is how i tend to do it too. i just hate programming stuff, (the fact that i suck at it doesn't exactly help.

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