Problem (FTB Continuum) Server throwing warnings and errors,a bit confused.

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Gladys, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Gladys

    Gladys New Member

    Hello FTB Community,Hope you lovely people can help us out with this issue.
    We wanna expand our servers to some 1.12.2 Modpacks
    Came across some issues where we have no clue how to solve them, we just starting doing modded servers i/we are kinda nubie:oops:

    What you see here is a fresh install off FTB Continuum 1.6.0 on my pc will be moved to a VM Linux box when we solved the issues (ps: execute the same issues on my pc/Linux Vm)
    Nothing has been changed in any files (only eula)
    What have we done,
    • Run: FTBInstall
    • ServerStart when FTBInstall was done

    • What OS are you running?
    1. Windows 10 pro. ​
    • Are you using minecraft hosting provider or a dedicated/local server not designed for minecraft?
    2. Own pc for testing purposes.​
    • What version of FTB are you using? (Dont just say latest tell us the version)
    3. FTB Continuum 1.6.0 (All default settings).​
    • Did you add any mods to the server pack?
    4. Nop.​
    • What are your server specs?
    5. Own pc: i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20Ghz 20gb DIMM 2133.​
    • A good detailed paragraph about the problem
    6. On server startup we get a lot of warning and errors where we just don't have the knowledge
    at the start few errors that mods are not signed example:
    main/WARN] [FML]: The coremod AdvancedRocketryPlugin(zmaster587.advancedRocketry.asm.AdvancedRocketryPlugin) is not signed!
    will add debug and latest log ps: im new on the forum so we need to w8 for a nice admin to approve my links :).
    Basically the full console is full of warnings and error from start of the server till the end when its accepting players,we can join the server and play with no issues that we tested so far.
    we want the server to run with no issues so the players can have a wonderful time:cool:

    Hope you guys can help us out.
    Have a great weekend greetings Gladys.
  2. Gladys

    Gladys New Member

    Anyone wo could help me with this plz :)

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