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Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by xXDeadlyAngelXx, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. xXDeadlyAngelXx

    xXDeadlyAngelXx New Member

    Welcome to Bytecraft Direwolf20! We are a somewhat new Gaming Community that has (Obviously) Started a Minecraft server

    The server Is FTB DireWolf20, Version 1.0.25, and Minecraft Version 1.6.4


    • Don't Grief. You can PvP All you want, wherever you want, just don't break other people's things. You can also steal whatever's not Locked up.

    • Don't Argue With admins, If you feel that you've been accused or feet wronged by an admin, ask for a second Opinion, then a higher admin will be called, and it will be dealt with.

    • Don't Constantly Harass other players.

    • Don't Troll Excessively. It'll just get you Muted/Kicked/Banned.

    (We'll be adding more as needed)


    We only have One Banned Item, And that's Portal Guns, Which are Restricted to VIP.
  2. Arie2002

    Arie2002 New Member

    I'll be joining today, I hope. Why are portals banned BTW?
    And can I be as the first person to reply get the VIP rank? IGN: HeroWorkbrine

    The server is amazing! It's the first Direwolf20 server I am on with NO LAG! Thanks!
    BTW, I don't see any mobs. Is this on peacefull?

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2014
  3. xXDeadlyAngelXx

    xXDeadlyAngelXx New Member

    I probably screwed something up somewhere, i'll have to check.
    Portals are just banned because too many of them would cause too much lag.

    Edit: Mobs are spawning fine, but at a smaller rate, i'll see if i can bump it up.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2014
  4. Arie2002

    Arie2002 New Member

    I can't connect since the restart for some or another reason
  5. Arie2002

    Arie2002 New Member

    I can't connect now either
  6. Arie2002

    Arie2002 New Member

    When will the server be online again?
  7. XxZalariaxX

    XxZalariaxX New Member

    Yeah what's up with this server going down atleast twice a day?? Please fix it if possible

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