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Whitelist Server FTB Australia | Mindcrack v7 | Mature (25+ Only) | Survival | TS3 |

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by w33tBix, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. w33tBix

    w33tBix New Member

    New server (and MC community) located in the US but fairly chunky @ 5GB Ram 100 slot however only looking for around 20 more mature minded people, we would prefer Australian gamers but is by no means a restriction.​
    Currently Everything is enabled, that is till the server suffers!​
    Whitelist + Essentials Permissions​
    Prefer you to be on TS3 when online (I hate txt chat)​
    yada yada you've read it all before​
    Rules -
    Only common sense, if you abuse what is available expect a ban we have PVP enabled but by no means does this mean you are free to be an ass!​
    Social, means you must be a part of the greater community else why are you on a multiplayer server​
    Griefing = Ban​
    Details -
    FTB -
    TS3 - ftbaus.com
    Forum - ftbaus.com (under development)

    Apply for whitelist -

    Applications now only accepted via our forums

  2. w33tBix

    w33tBix New Member

    Server performance is awesome, still looking for up to 20 apply now or jump on TS and have a chat

    More information on our forums

  3. middlemonster

    middlemonster New Member

    Apply for whitelist -

    IGN: middlemonster
    Age: Super Old! (30)
    Location: US
    MC Experiance: Tons, but I still die a lot! 2 years Vanilla, 1 year Tekkit, 2 month FTBs.
    Have TS3: yes
    Why you want to join us: I'm looking for a small mature group of players who prefer to work together to accomplish bigger tasks as opposed to joining a server to play alone.
    Steam: middlemonster
  4. Demicrush

    Demicrush New Member

    IGN: demicrush
    MC Experiance:1 1/2 years of vanilla.
    Have TS3:No
    Why you want to join us:Just looking for a good and mature community to join in.
  5. Smithjake22

    Smithjake22 New Member

    IGN: pC_MoJo
    Age: 21
    Location: United States
    MC Experiance: Lots of hours daily. Roughly 5 hours per day for a year.
    Have TS3: Yes
    Why you want to join us: I want a consistent Feed the Beast Server running MindCrack v7.
    Steam: smithjake22
  6. cp75

    cp75 New Member

    IGN: cp75
    Age: 28
    Location: Brisbane
    MC Experiance: Been Playing on and off since alpha, just got back into it after finding FTB.
    Have TS3:Yes
    Why you want to join us: Mature age Australian community sounds good.
    Steam: cheese75
  7. w33tBix

    w33tBix New Member

    Hi mate, please visit the forum www.ftbaus.com - I've add everyone here on the whitelist
  8. kxdzor

    kxdzor New Member

    IGN: kxdzor
    Age: 21
    Location: Melbourne
    MC Experiance: Been playing Minecraft since 2011. Have been playing FTB since it came out.
    Have TS3:Yes
    Why you want to join us: Looking for a good AUSTRALIAN FTB server to play on, that is full respectful mature people.
    Steam: rozvek
  9. Decessus

    Decessus New Member

    I am going to apply to join your forum, and then apply for the white-list there.
  10. sterlo269

    sterlo269 New Member

    Locating: Maitland NSW
    MC Experiance: Been playing minecraft since 2009 in alpha.. And been playing FTB since 2 weeks after is came out..
    TS3: NO
    would love to come to an AUSTRALIAN Feed The Beast server and will help in anyway i will also be respectful to everyone and will be very happy to see myself on this server..
    Steam: sterlo269
    will hope to hear from you soon..

    . Isaac harrison
  11. NinjaSkuII

    NinjaSkuII New Member

    IGN: Ninja_Skull (Can you also let my friend in the server? his my age, IGN: Faster_Gilly
    Age: 16
    Location: AU (NSW, Sydney)
    MC Experiance: 2 Years olf Vanilla
    Have TS3: No
    Why you want to join us: I want a good mature Australian Server, good connection
    Steam: HITMAN_Pulse
  12. jacobskii

    jacobskii New Member

    IGN: Jacobskii
    Age: 18
    Location: AUS Melbourne
    MC Experiance: Been playing on and off since alpha
    Have TS3: yes
    Why you want to join us: Just looking for some people to talk to and play with on minecraft.
    Steam: Jacobskii
  13. Daevin

    Daevin New Member

    IGN: dib900
    Age: 16
    Location: Far North Coast NSW
    MC Experience: been playing Vanilla for a year ftb a month or so
    Have Ts3: no but will get it if necessary
    Why you want to join us: looking for a fun involved community with few griefers and friendly players
    Steam: Xcalibre
  14. Dajacula

    Dajacula New Member

    IGN: Dajacula1995 (Dajacula elsewhere)

    Age: 20

    Location: Australia

    MC Experiance: Lots of it. Vanilla for ages, since probably the Halloween update, I have been doing Tekkit for a good long while on a server aswell and have recently been very interested in playing SMP FTB, I have a lot to offer skill wise.

    Have TS3: Yes :)

    Why you want to join us: I have been looking for a server to play FTB on for so long, I have got no replies from many other people who post that they are making a FTB server which is frustrating. I saw this server was Australian, and I am Australian, and therefore would be cool to possibly play with other Australians and continue to let the Aus MC community grow. I also really enjoy helping people out, giving people communal things such as machine rooms and the like, and generally playing with others (SSP gets a bit lonely).

    Steam: Do not currently have one, I lost my account because it got hacked so I will make a new one if it is required
  15. w33tBix

    w33tBix New Member

    funny how people cant read a description, 20+ means you must be at least 20 years old.

    Applications closed for now as we have reached our current intake limit, keep an eye on www.ftbaus.com for openings
  16. Jugdish

    Jugdish New Member

    IGN: Zugdish
    Age: 20
    Location: AUS
    MC Experiance: 1 year vanilla, 1 year Tekkit
    Have TS3: No
    Why you want to join us: Would love to join a small community of mature and friendly people on FTB.
    Steam: velazurian
  17. w33tBix

    w33tBix New Member

    Applications again open, dont reply here rather visit our forums www.ftbaus.com to apply

    strict 25yo + interview via TS for age verification
  18. Maxout18

    Maxout18 New Member

    MC Experiance: 2 years minecraft vanilla 1 year tekkit
    Have TS3: yes
    Why you want to join us: great server friend said and great ping
    steam: Maxout1816
  19. xXvegetasoundxX

    xXvegetasoundxX New Member

    Apply for whitelist -

    IGN: xXvegetasoundxX
    Age: 15
    Location: AU
    MC Experiance: 4 year
    Have TS3: yes
    Why you want to join us: awesome ping to the server i love servers like that
    Steam: curious_penguin271
    Maxout18 likes this.
  20. BugsBunny

    BugsBunny New Member

    IGN: Kizza_69
    Age: 18
    Location: Aus SA
    MC experience: 3 Years Vanilla, Modsauce from release to present.
    Have TS3: Yes i do
    Why do you want to join us: I have been looking for a good FTB server with a good ping. I want to play with a good group of people and hopefully make friends while i play.
    Steam: BugsBunny - kieran.b

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