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Whitelist Server FTB Australia | DW20 1.7.10 | Whitelist | 24/7 | 40 Slots | Anti-Grief | Dynmap | Sydney | TS3

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by oppositeZERO, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. oppositeZERO

    oppositeZERO New Member



    An Australian Hosted FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 Server

    Welcome to FTB Australia!
    We are an Australian based Modded Minecraft Community,
    Currently focusing on the Feed the Beast Modpacks for Minecraft

    Server IP: dw.minecraftaustralia.com - dw.ftba.us

    We are currently whitelisted, to join our Direwolf20 Sever,
    or community, simply register on or forum and submit a
    quick whitelist application and you'll be playing in no time!

    Our server is currently Player Vs Environment (PVE) so PVP is Disabled
    We have a variety of plugins to provide a fun, enjoyable experience.

    Server Difficulty is on Normal

    Some items on our server are banned due to either lag/testing or
    due to current exploits.

    24/7 - 30 Slots
    Our Dedicated Server is hosted in Sydney Australia
    Specs: Intel E3-1245 v2 - 32GB RAM - SSD Storage
    Connected to a Gigabit Network.

    Our rules are fairly straight forward, and are enforced with the
    use of the plugins, Prism and MC Bans.

    No Griefing
    No Stealing
    No Tolerance, of Bullying, Harassment & Racism
    Using known exploits to your advantage
    Using Banned items
    No Advertising other Servers etc

    Whitelist Applications are done via our forum.
    You will only need to answer a few basic questions,
    and have a Minecraft account that is in good standing
    We also require all applicants to be Located in
    either Australia or New Zealand.

    Whitelist Application Form!

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  2. Thuulstrea

    Thuulstrea New Member

    Minecraft Name: Thuulstrea
    Location: Perth, WA
    Age: 36
    Anything else: Been playing modded MC for a couple of years and looking for a server with other players that are on regularly.
  3. oppositeZERO

    oppositeZERO New Member

    I've added you to the whitelist, Welcome :)

    Anything else you might need to know you should be able to find here http://minecraftaustralia.com/forums/server-info.46/ or somewhere else on our site.

  4. budu413

    budu413 New Member

    Minecraft Name: Budu413
    Location: Springfield, Ma
    Age: 16
    Anything else: If you'd like to get a hold of me feel free to message me on skype : knightfury661
    I'd also like to add that iv'e been playing modded minecraft for about 2 years .
  5. oppositeZERO

    oppositeZERO New Member

    Sorry, please re read the post above, specifically the whitelist section.

  6. burry89

    burry89 New Member

    Minecraft Name: burry89
    Location: ACT
    Age: 24
    Anything else: Been playing modded minecraft for years now prob since beta
  7. oppositeZERO

    oppositeZERO New Member

    I've added you, Welcome :)

    Anything you should need to know can be found here http://minecraftaustralia.com/forums/

    We've updated to 1.0.9 as of today, so make sure you choose that version in your launcher before joining, Cheers.
  8. LHman97

    LHman97 New Member

    Minecraft Name: LHman97
    Location: NSW
    Age: 16
    Anything else: I have been playing modded minecraft for about 2 years now. I have never been banned from a server and have played on several mature servers with no problem. Look forward to coming on and playing
  9. SStagdage

    SStagdage New Member

    Minecraft Name: stagdage
    Location: Sydney
    Age: 20s
    Anything else: I love community based servers, i am friendly and helpful
  10. Dversluis

    Dversluis New Member

    Minecraft Name: Dversluis
    Location: Victoria
    Age: 24
    Anything else: Love playing the DW20 modpack, I am looking for an Aus based server to play on. The other players make the game so I am very keen to play with a community.
  11. GySgtXerxes

    GySgtXerxes New Member

    Minecraft Name: GySgtXerxes
    Location: California, USA

    Age: 23
    Anything else: Was recently playing on a Monster server until it was shut down with no explanation from the owner, just looking now for a chill server with cool people to relax and have fun.
  12. Wallie_

    Wallie_ New Member

    Minecraft Name: Wallie_
    Location: Queensland, Australia
    Age: 16
    Anything else: Im just looking for a good Aussie server to play on :) and hopefully meet some new people to have fun with.
  13. eeXBee

    eeXBee New Member

    Minecraft Name: eeXBee
    Location: Tehran and Berlin
    Age: 21
    Anything else: Sometimes I play From Berlin and sometimes form Tehran. Because I'm a student. and looking for a DW20 server to hang out and have fun...
  14. mohammadmahdi

    mohammadmahdi New Member

    Minecraft Name: nik_xyz
    Location: London or Tehran ...
    Age: 17
    Anything else: I'm just looking for a DireWolf20 server and have fun:).I'm in London but sometimes go to Tehran for study.
    take it easy ...;)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2014
  15. Justg99

    Justg99 New Member

    Minecraft Name:justg99
    Location: Florida USA
    Anything Else: I've been searching for a relatively small community to play FTB with (mainly to teach and learn about the mods, as well as have fun with). Looking forward to playing and having fun with people who are on regularly:)
  16. Institute

    Institute New Member

    Minecraft Name: Institute
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    Age: 29
    Anything else: always just played on servers I host for friends, cannot wait to have more people to hang out with.

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  17. oppositeZERO

    oppositeZERO New Member

    Sorry, I missed all these applications as I din't recieve any notifications -.-

    I can see alot of the people who applied here also applied on our website and have been added, so anyone else looking for a whitelist I suggest you apply there if you want to get whitelisted quickly :)
  18. Callum Bundey

    Callum Bundey New Member

    Minecraft Name: calmelb
    Location: VIC, AUS
    Age: 16
    Anything else: Been playing modded minecraft since beta 1.8 when I installed my own mods thanks to dire! and vanilla minecraft since beta 1.4!
  19. Justg99

    Justg99 New Member

    It keeps saying it can't resolve hostname. Maybe I haven't been whitelisted yet?
  20. Ashley Hughes

    Ashley Hughes New Member

    Minecraft Name: HughesYROFL
    Location: Toowoomba QLD
    Age: 24
    Anything else: Been playing for a while now few years after a server with people in my timezone.

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