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Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by PhunnyJesta, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. PhunnyJesta

    PhunnyJesta New Member

    I am currently hosting a server on my own pc for me and another friend to play on (possibly more in the future) and he connects to my server through my external ip address. When he first logs in it takes about 5 minutes before anything he does shows up on my end (he just stands at spawn from my point of view) and has trouble interacting with chests/inventories/machines/etc during this time. When he finally does get in, he has issues with rubber banding, being attack by invisible mobs (except I can see them attacking him), having 10-20 second delayed deaths, etc.

    I have ports 25565 forward, yougetsignal confirms it. I have a dsl line 3mbps (now 12mbps) down and 600kbps up. My pc specs are AMD Phenom x4, Radeon HD 6850, 8gb DDR3 1333. I am running FTB Monster 1.0.5 stock

    Any ideas of what could be causing the lag? The latency on the server list for him gets between 200-600ping
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  2. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Your internet speed is nowhere NEAR what you need for people to connect and not have lag. So either get cable or fiber optic, or use a host such as creeperhost.
  3. PhunnyJesta

    PhunnyJesta New Member

    I don't think its my internet though, i have bandwidth monitoring and doesnt even get close to my caps. It does work really well sometimes but majority of the time its unplayable
  4. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Sounds like a bandwidth problem to me, although maybe not on your end. It could be on his end. Ask him to do a bandwidth test as well.
  5. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    The Only problem I see here is your internet and hi ping is bad. a good ping should be < 100
  6. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    Not the bandwidth caps, the actual upload and download speeds you have are not even close to enough.
  7. PhunnyJesta

    PhunnyJesta New Member

    yea thats what i mean the the down/up speed caps, only uses about 1/2 of my up speed (read the data wrong from changing settings T_T it only uses 4-10kb/s up and down of my connection)

    its def worked before flawlessly on an ftb ultimate server that i hosted and we played on, i just dont get why we are having such a problem now
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  8. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Monster has even more mods then Unleashed, therefore may be requiring more bandwidth. Again, it could be on your friend's side as well.
  9. Chaka

    Chaka FTB Team Mod Developer Retired Staff

    The only problem I see here is your internet. If you cant fix that then you'll just have to deal with it. But if you can get at least 18Mbps of internet but for the best try 54Mbps
  10. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    The issue is one the newer modpacks require more back-and-forth between client and server than older packs, and two, the lines providing internet can degrade. Your speed coupled with your friends speed equate into the experience he is having.

    And monster especially is going to be hugely demanding of a server let alone the bandwidth to communicate to other connected clients.
  11. PhunnyJesta

    PhunnyJesta New Member

    Sorry for a late update, we havent much time at all to play recently. I was wrong about my bandwidth monitor its actually using a lot less then I thought (i forgot i switched the view from megabits to kilobytes) so when running the ftb server with me and my friend playing on it my server is only using 4-10 kb/s for up and down. It can't be bandwidth or for whatever reason the server isnt using the bandwidth available.

    His internet is 6mbps cable with average 20ms on and mine is recently updated to 12mbps dsl with average around 40ms on

    *edit* also does he need to port forward as well or just me? we tried port forwarding on his router and firewall but for some reason its still blocking port 25565 on his port tests
  12. Pantong

    Pantong New Member

    looks like your bandwidth, i would try to switch providers. 12mbps download does not mean much. Hosting a server is all about the upload, all hosting company's have a synchronous connection 1:1 in/out.

    When looking at my server, it gets about 50kb/s a person, and grows monstrously as more people gets on, and i have only had about 15 at one time.

    I would recommend hosting at a third party's location, or try some kind of VPN and see if that solves a ping/lag problem.(although im positive its a upload speed problem)
  13. GreatOrator

    GreatOrator New Member

    Well, if you have DSL, your download may be 12mbps, but double check upload. The dsl provider in my area (I use cable internet btw) has 12-15 mbps but upload is only 768k to 1 meg.
  14. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    I'd say bandwidth too. 600 kbps upload speed translates to ~60 kB/sec (overhead etc), which is not much these days.

    As for the latency, which is not directly related to bandwidth by the way, you could try a meaningful ping test. Pings to test services don't mean much, just measures the speed from your (or his) location to that service. What you want to test is to ping between your and his IP. In Windows you can do that really simple by opening a command prompt and type: ping <IP NUMBER> where ip number is your/his IP address. Please let us know the results.

    But to be honest, Internet connections with an upload speed of 600kbps are not really suited to run any kind of server. Let alone a game where real time data is important.
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  15. PhunnyJesta

    PhunnyJesta New Member

    Yea its an up bandwidth issue, not sure why it wasnt showing before but after a restart of my pc (hardly ever shut it down) it is now showing its hitting the up bandwidth cap. I cant really justify the cost of renting a vps considering we might only play it maybe once or twice a week if that depending on how work schedules go. Thank you for your help

    *edit* we also tried using hamachi as a vpn but no luck as well
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  16. Connor Gavitt

    Connor Gavitt New Member

    600kb/s is 75KB/s, which is not enough for minecraft servers
  17. Racemol

    Racemol New Member

    I know how to calculate it, thanks. Tough if you divide by 10 instead of 8 you get a more realistic value, counting overhead from the TCP/IP packets. I do this to not raise more questions when they start monitoring the speed and notice they don't get the max possible speed.
    I even made a small notice about that.

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