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Open Server FREE the Beast Ultimate pack No banned items, No whitelist, PVP

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Sharkbot77, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Sharkbot77

    Sharkbot77 New Member

    Server IP
    Teamspeak IP198.27.83.121
    Ultimate Pack,
    No Banned Items
    No Whitelist

    Dedicated host with 32G DDR3
    We started our servers because we wanted to play on a server that had 0 banned items, pvp allowed, no lag and good uptime. We couldn't find one so we started our own.
    for more info visit our site at
  2. Pigsinblankets

    Pigsinblankets New Member

    i was in the same situation untill i found your server :)
  3. KaosC57

    KaosC57 Active Member

    Nice fail in where to put this... your in the Direwolf20 section this needs to be in the Other Servers section.
  4. Griffdog

    Griffdog New Member

  5. Mrblackmagic199

    Mrblackmagic199 Active Member

    and it isnt up anymore?
  6. Ralf2000cool

    Ralf2000cool New Member

    This server is one hell of a unfair server dont go on it the server had a problem with craftting turtles so it glitched they didnt want to help me then they just banned me for one day and i didnt do snything wrong the owner is an A hole its their problem so they need to fix it not leave it to the players so f them

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