Forum Drinking Game

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Too Much Free Time
Dec 8, 2012
Lost as always
You know these kinds of drinking games. Like watching Game of Thrones and taking a shot every time someone says 'Winter Is Coming' or 'A Lannister Always Pays His Debts'. The general goal here is to get yourself so plastered that it either becomes more entertaining to view while drunk, or you pass out and so don't have to watch it anymore. It is generally associated with MST3K'ing movies as well.

Well, how about we come up with our own forum drinking game? But first, some ground rules:

  • No calling a specific user out. 'take a shot when someone asks a question that was answered on that same page of responses' is valid. 'take a shot every time Shneekey makes a post over 500 characters' is not. Too easy to get into flame wars and get the thread locked that way.
  • Please don't use this as your soapbox. For example 'take a shot every time someone mentions GT' is valid. 'Take a shot every time someone mentions mod distribution rights because... [insert rant]' is not. Let's leave it at 'see x, take a shot' and leave the whyfors out of it.
  • Keep it clean. We're all here to relax and have fun, no need to get all serious biznis up in here.
  • Be mindful, should this game get popular, of how you post 'takes a shot' in other threads where some of the previously posted rules apply. A little bit here and there isn't bad, but if it gets out of hand, the moderators will probably step in, and no one wants that.
Right, got that? Good. Let's start off:

* When someone posts asking for cracked client support... take a shot.


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Jul 29, 2019
Take a shot every time Exedra attempts to come back to the forums, and then leaves the next day.


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Jul 29, 2019
Take a shot every time someone uses ThatOneSlowking's summon list and a million people show up to complain.
Hey, I'm underage, but Pepsi works. :p
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Mar 18, 2021
I alwase find it quit annoying to come back to a website everytime I want to enjoy a drink, so I prefer to buy physical games. One of my favorites is MadWish. It is a card game with 52 truth and dare questions. I love this game because it is not expencive and it is really small so it is easy to take the cards with you!