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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by komodo10, May 3, 2014.

  1. komodo10

    komodo10 New Member

    So I have forge microblocks installed in techworld 2 and I tried to use it but it is not working. All the blocks are showing up in nei but they have no crafting recipes and whenever I try to make any of the blocks it doesn't work.
  2. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    You are supposed to use saws
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  3. komodo10

    komodo10 New Member

    I tried. I put a diamond saw next to a stone block and I got nothing.
  4. TheCupcakeisaLie

    TheCupcakeisaLie New Member

    afaik the first recipie has to be a saw ontop a block

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  5. komodo10

    komodo10 New Member

    Ok that worked but still no reason it shouldn't have a recipe, Maybe it will have one in the new version of techworld 2.
  6. TheCupcakeisaLie

    TheCupcakeisaLie New Member

    I think it may be intentional so that it doesn't clog up the recipie lookup thing with thousands of recipies for micro blocks that you will never forget how to make.

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  7. komodo10

    komodo10 New Member

    Yeah but all the blocks are there it's just when I click on them they have no recipe.
  8. ThorinNL

    ThorinNL New Member

    As @TheCupcakeisaLie said, to prevent recipe clutter of each micro block.
    And the recipe is simple and there are only 2 options for the saw: it's either on top or on the left side from the block

    Put saw above a block (always start with this one) and you end up with half-slabs (from here options almost limited) Then you saw the half-slabs from the top to get Panels. Saw the panels from the top to get covers.

    If you saw half-slabs from the left to right you start getting beams and each iteration ends up with a smaller micro block.

    If you want nooks (or how it's called) it's a combination op ups and left(ie)s

    Play with it, make a stone saw before you waste a diamond one on experimenting.

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