Forestry Multi farm - resupply with dirt


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Jul 29, 2019

since I don't really like I had to find another way to get dirt into my Multi Treefarm.
This is what I came up with: (Mods used: Rp2, Xycraft, Xeno's Reliquary, Buildcraft, Forestry :b)

From the front (ignore the barrels/bc pipes on the left)

From the back

How it works:

The Buildcraft pipe detects when there is left then 32 dirt in the treefarm and sends out a redstone signal.
This goes to 2 places:
[1] It goes to the left Rp2 Filter which sends 22 redstone from the barrel to the Xycraft Fabricator.
In the Fabricator I have a Tome of Alkahest and 1 dirt. The crafting recipe makes 17 dirt out of 1 dirt and 1 redstone.

[2] It powers the block below the redstone torch, which then allows the Timer to run.
This powers the right Filter which takes 32 dirt (for every signal it gets) out of the fabricator.
The dirt then goes into the north (must be the north side!) side of the Farm Hatch and thus the Buildcraft Gate stops sending out the redstone signal, which turns the timer off again to prevent lag :b

Here are some pics of the settings:
Buildcraft Gate:

Left Filter:



Right Filter:

I'm pretty bad with explaining stuff (especially in english :'D) so if you didn't understand something just ask :)

Edit: If you thing something can be made better please tell me :)