FINISHED - Super Simple Werewolf Game - Game Thread


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Jul 29, 2019
Yeppers, here we go. The beginning of a wonderful vacation! As everybody disembarked the aircraft onto this island totally not named after killing Shazam, everybody was happy. The weather was nice, it wasn't raining, and there were no werewol....

AND... somebody (not else) found a dead body, mauled to death by a wolfish creature. But don't worry, Mike (aka Nobody) was taken into custody, he was found near the scene of a crime with a flamethrower. Everybody agreed he probably did it, his excuse of "I was fighting back the spiders" didn't convince anybody.

So yeah, probably no werewolves. Yay....

Enjoy your stay, the plane will be back once you call it with the radio equipm.... Oh look, somebody broke in and stole all the radios. Yay....

This Island has a unique time system, the day ends at this time ( can somebody else in the states tell me what time this is? I want to make sure I have it right.)

The local laws are a little unique, here they are. Don't forget them, this island has a "death for all crimes, both real and imagined" policy.

Here is the list of people traveling with us:
1. Egg
2. Bacon
3. Cheese
4. Brea....

Oh wait, that's my shopping list... try again?

Here is the list of people traveling with us:
0. Mike
1. playerismc
2. ljfa
3. goreae
4. trajing - Dead, villager
5. Lethosos
6. Someone Else 37 - Dead, villager
7. Shazam08 - DEAD, wolf
8. RJS - Dead, wolf
9. SoraZodia
10. HeilMewTwo
11. SpwnX - DEAD, villager
12. Exedra - Dead, wolf
13. Pyure - Dead, villager
14. dylanpiera
15. Gamefury64
16. the_j485 - Dead, villager
17. 016nojr - Dead, villager
18. Eruantien

Everybody should have received their luggage by now, so feel free to begin partying. PAAARTY!


1. The majority of you are just villagers. There are no duplicates in the two power roles.

2. There is nothing in the rules preventing the wolves from killing each other.

3. The wolves have received no additional information about other roles. All I've told them is that they are wolves.

4. The doctor cannot rescue themselves.
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Jul 29, 2019
vote RJS , ah right. I'd like to be contacted by the doctor. Yes, you, doctor.