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Discussion in 'Web Feedback' started by Vas, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. Vas

    Vas New Member

    The website looks nice, it runs smoothly but there is one pretty big issue with it. It's all blank. Nothing is filled out anywhere. "Content pending" pages or paragraphs, a lot of the stuff is underdeveloped. I can barely find any information on mods used in mod packs because every icon is a grey square and has no information at all about it.

    Site looks nice.
    Site works speedily.

    Site has no information.
    Site makes it hard to get information.

    By the last Con, I mean that I have to go several layers deep just to find information out about the mod pack I was looking for and the only way to see the name of a mod pack is to hover over the grey square and see what the URL is going to be. I'd say it might be useful to spend a little more time on the site for a few days to get the information updated and full of info.
  2. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    Its something we will be doing as soon as we can but we have some other important stuff in the works right now, as soon as we can we'll get that content added
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