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Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by LegitNeek, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek New Member

    Just thought I would share these with the community as it doesn't seem to be posted anywhere else and I seem to be the only person with the original links.

    I will not be providing install instructions as I already have a MultiMC guide on the forums which you can use to install the client packs and maps.

    I got all of these links directly from Slowpoke, his thread on the Minecraft forum or from the IRC, I will say again all of these are the original links.

    Mod Packs
    FTB SMP Client Pack (for use with the co-op server pack)
    FTB SSP Client Pack (for use with any of the ssp maps)

    Server Packs
    FTB Co-op Server Pack

    FTB SSP Normal
    FTB SSP Insanity
    FTB Insanity Bonus Map SSP

    All credits go to Slowpoke101 and his team, I have simply put these links together for ease of access.
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  2. bad wolf

    bad wolf New Member

    Nice, thanks.
    I kinda had a hard time finding all the links :D
  3. OrigamiOctopus

    OrigamiOctopus New Member

    Thank you very much! i have been searching for this ^^

    i have one question, when i start out in SMP on the insanity map, why are there no bees in the project table? i thought you needed those for the capsules and the Omega Bee?
  4. MrBlackCreep

    MrBlackCreep New Member

    Thanks a lot!
    I've been searching for them for ages :)
  5. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek New Member

    I do believe they were removed on purpose, along with a few other changes.
  6. RampantPanda65

    RampantPanda65 New Member

    Nice! Good work!
  7. KoncreteLiquids

    KoncreteLiquids New Member

    Thank you, this is the first time I have been able to get this working... My only question is I want to play this on a lan with my girlfriend any links or hints on how to do that? Our 1.3.2 world is going pretty good (she isn't very good at building but man, when I tell her to go clear and area she will clear everything un till I tell her to stop!!)
  8. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek New Member

    These are only for 1.2.5, there has not been a 1.3.2 release yet.
  9. infernoid

    infernoid New Member

    can this thread get stickied? :D
  10. KoncreteLiquids

    KoncreteLiquids New Member

    I was hoping there was some way to do it without running a server.. I doubt my comp could host a server and play at the same time... Guess we will goof off in vanilla 1.3.2 till this pack gets updated
  11. jay

    jay New Member

    So i'm new but I've been trying to get mystcraft to work with this mod-pack for a little while, Its probable something stupid i'm missing but would anyone know what version or link to what one i need to download thanks.(I've gotten in in-game before but when i go to click the books from mystcraft game freezes).
  12. darkrage000

    darkrage000 New Member

    remember that the current version of Mystcraft is a JAR mod (goes in the minecraft JAR file) and is built on a specific forge version.

    so a Forge version wont have the right hooks in it, and the versions after that will have hooks changed, some hooks removed, etc...
    (and this is 1.2.5 not 1.3.2)
  13. LegitNeek

    LegitNeek New Member

    Don't forget, as well as putting it in the "jar mods" section you will also need to edit your configs so that you don't get any conflicting id's. On my server we have them starting at 2000 onwards so as to kind of "future proof" adding more mods, which we have been doing. Think we are up to like 2022 or something :)
  14. welshtony

    welshtony New Member

    Nice thread. I now point everyone to this thread when asking about the 1.2.5 pack lol

    I never knew there was a "Bonus Map" I will have to try that 1 myself sometime soon. What ever it is
  15. SuicidalCrayon

    SuicidalCrayon New Member

    I used the download links but only get jar mods nothing else the install text file references any help?
  16. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    the 1.2.5 modpack is meant to be copied in a clean 1.2.5 instance in MultiMc.
    A search on the forum will reveal you a great post with all you need to do to make it work, including screenshots.

    EDIT: It is even linked in the first post, the first link, before the packs and maps.
  17. SuicidalCrayon

    SuicidalCrayon New Member

    I understand that it's linked but downloading that link does not provide any mods except the jar mods...
  18. Victor Arantes

    Victor Arantes New Member

    ok. i get it all installed... but... i wanted to play in a randonly genereted seed... and all i get is a bedrock block and only one bedrock block... ehehehe how do i fix it? anyone know?
  19. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    Ok, it seems we have someone that doesn't understand here...
    Just to be safe, I downloaded the singleplayer pack (client SSP), in case it was different from the one I got, and no, it's exactly the same.

    So, either you follow the instal instructions for multiMC, or you open the ".minecraft" folder that is inside the archive and will find the "mods" folder, with all the non-jar mods in there, as well as all folders that need to be copied to a minecraft instance for that matter (including config files).

    Please, next time, think about checking ALL the folders of the archive before saying things like this.

    You need to delete YUNOMAKEGOODMAP in the mods folder (or something similar, never remember the actual name now I deleted it), as it prevents terrain generation.
    You can also delete the "timer" folder in there if you don't want the timer.
  20. Jason Betts

    Jason Betts New Member

    Thanks for the reply, I actually followed the instructions a great deal many times to the letter, but was confused when REI would not work. But I figured it out..

    To those not familiar with REI, you have to hit "O" with your inventory screen open to load the gui. Which I why I derpa derpa deleted the post.

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