fantasy drilling platform

steve g

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
offshore drilling rig, fantasy magical tower, i dunno what to call this thing. i just got silly with it and out comes this piece of art

link to photo album:

basic run of it: the top ring is a bunch of mfr crops growing magical crops. in the room under the central pillar (under water) is the LP network handling the growing of items needed to generators. a whole stack of them sitting inside the central spire. these are used to power the lp networks, mfr farms...and mffs field projectors. what are the projectors for? look in the screens and youll see that drilling platform off to the side, its actually a stack of 3 rooms. the top room is a wither boss trap. below that is a room with mffs gear that uses projectors to bring in the wither boss. once its spawned and killed, the nether stars are harvested to power a nether star generator powering 4 mfr laser drills (2 prechargers each), in the bottom room of the stack.

eventually there will be 4 of these stacks, timed so they always spawn a wither boss every 120 seconds, enough to keep up with the nether star generators. the farms grow the soul sand and wither skull heads needed to keep the mffs projectors well fed every time they build another wither boss.

also in the todo list is a proper processing facility to handle all the incoming ores. I have a custom minetweaker config set up so the drills also pull all the metallurgy ores, so ill be mixing up a few of those as well. more to come as i finish the build.