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Jul 29, 2019
Im currently searching for Mindcrack fans (You can still join if you dont know any Mindcrackers) to join my Feed The Beast Mindcrack pack server. My idea for this server is to build a small trustful community (Just like the real Mindcrack) except not as big. The type of people i am looking for are people that are trustful and is a fan of the Mindcrack community. Please read the following and decide if you want to join. Depending wether people join or not i will upgrade the server to reduce the chance of lag spikes.

Server Properties

IP :

Slots : 16

Ram : 3GB

Host : NitrousNetworks UK

Plugins : None, We will play like the Mindcrackers


  • No Griefing [2 Warnings]

  • No Swearing

  • No Farming(As in farming items in a un - legit manner)[Will Result in ban]

  • No Hacked clients [Will result in ban]

  • No stealing [3 Warnings]

  • Be respectful to other players
Application Form


Age (mandatory) :

Skype (mandatory) :

FTB Experience :

Favourite Mindcracker :

Can you be respectful? :

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you guys soon
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Jul 29, 2019
IGN : RetBossin

Age (mandatory) : 20

Skype (mandatory) : bossrossak47

FTB Experience : Previously ran a server, but had to stop it due to player loss.

Favourite Mindcracker : VintageBeef

Can you be respectful? : of course!