Open Server FableCraft.Org - Unleashed [v1.1.2] [24/7 Dedicated] [PvE] [Essentials] [GriefPrevention] [mcMMO]

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Jul 29, 2019

Website: FableCraft.Org

FableCraft and our servers are based in Sweden but is English speaking servers due to the different nationalities on them.
FableCraft was founded in late 2010 by Netsu & Rinostik. We hope that through our dedication to this game and all time we put into this community will benefit the players on our servers.

Got Any Questions? Just send Netsu or Rinostik a PM on our website or you can post a message in this thread.

Feed The Beast Unleashed
Version: 1.1.3
Address: Play.FableCraft.Org:25565

24/7 Dedicated
32 Player Slots
Donor Ranks
Grief Prevention
Logging Plugins

This is a server for those who just enjoy building and exploring. No whitelist, PvP off, just run into the wilderness and start creating. If you need help with anything there's plenty of helpful people on the server.

Disabled Items: Chunk Loaders ( Some that can mess with the server ), Crystal of Rainfall, Crystal of Sunlight, Gravity Gun, Mining Laser, MystCraft, Nukes, Personal Anchor, Spot Loader, World Anchor.
For Full List:

Rules: Can be found on our website and in game.

Machine Specifications
i5 3570K (3,4 Ghz Quad Core)
16 GB DDR3 Ram
100 Mbps Line

Current Staff
Netsu ( Swedish )
Rinostik ( Swedish )

EpicLobster ( Belgian )
GlobalTea ( British )

Alexen ( Swedish )
Calomando ( American )
Dridnyr ( American )
TacticalJoakim ( Norwegian )