Extreme bandwidth usage

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Jawshee, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Jawshee

    Jawshee New Member

    This issue has appeared out of the blue.

    Our bandwidth is about 1mbps per user, which puts us at about 40mbps and is chewing far too much bandwidth, we used to hit a max of 4mbps.

    I can't find anything in the logs, or settings, we're stumped on this one.

    Running FTB Ultimate Pack
  2. Leganie

    Leganie New Member

    Yes sir it does, I have been hunting for the issue for some time and no one answered when I asked. Well other then install something called aperf but I doubt that will tell me what mod is using the bandwidth according to the read me. So I would love the naswer to this as well because going from 50-100kbps to 1+mbps per player is BS.
  3. Jawshee

    Jawshee New Member

    Delete the Powersuites mod!

    We went from 40mbps to 3mbps total with 50 players ;)
  4. Leganie

    Leganie New Member

    Yep was about to post that seems to be working XD
  5. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    Really, your solution is to remove content? You really shouldn't be hosting a server if you can't provide 1mbps upload for each player, mods do that.
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  6. Leganie

    Leganie New Member

    Oh I can provide it and some. You sir should think this out more clearly before bashing people. Not everyone is this world has "high speed internet". A good portion still runs on low end DSL. As such, a good owner would think of this and wonder hmmm people complain about lag yet the server does not lag nor do I with my 15mbit connection. Just maybe they could be in the stone ages of "high speed" and running 1.5 dsl or slower? Anyway guy I suggest you keep your half assed opinions to youself. More to something like this other then ZOMG YOU HARDWARE SUCKS. Your e-peen is not that big. Also not everyone who is hosting a server has a host wiling to give unlimited bandwidth or unlimited with anything over a 10bit upload. Either way I hope this gives your ignorant thought some rest and not bash people. A mod that increase hardware usage of any kind for a game like this is "broken" in some form or another. On another note buddy, tell me how much 200-300 unlimieted upload speed from a dedicated rack runs you, that is the equipment you need to run a server like that when it hosts upward of 100 players using 1mbps+ which I have had reports of it pushing 3+ to some people at times. Do the math and next time think before you speak as you really did not think much on this and look at the big picture in this kind of situation.

    Anyway get rid of power suits mod FTB guys its a half broke crap mod that is stupid OP and for multiplay causes insane ammount of banchwidth usage.

  7. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    Hey, its not like I have great speed myself, I got worse than DSL, 8mbps download and 1 upload, on a good day, I average half that. To be honest, that's why I run a host from France that offers 1 gig up and down. It may not be dedicated hardware, but that's an option and it wouldn't cost me more than $100 US per month. Lastly, my opinion is not half formed, my thinking is that if a mod adds content, it is allowed to use more resources from your server, proportional to the amount of new content. If you think that the data usage of a mod included in FTB is not justified, go report it to the mod dev. They will either fix it, or tell you off in a way equally or less nice than mine.
  8. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh New Member

    fuel, fire, blah.
  9. DarkMukke

    DarkMukke New Member

    isnt the gfx using all that bandwith ? i heard in the dw20 series they are working on an update
  10. DZCreeper

    DZCreeper New Member

    Nope, this thread is talking about internet bandwidth, not GPU bandwidth. The latest versions of Forge offer major FPS improvements.

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