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Enderchest: My stuff is disappearing!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by gusmahler, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. gusmahler

    gusmahler New Member

    I'm on a server and I've been using ender chests for a while with absolutely no problems. Today, I was trying an ender pouch charging setup. But now when I put anything in my ender chest or ender pouch, it disappears.

    I disconnected the ender chest from the setup and just set it down on its own and confirmed that whenever I put any item into the chest, it disappears. I've already lost a jetpack and a chainsaw (and a bunch of cobble during testing)

    What the heck is happening?
  2. jumpfight5

    jumpfight5 New Member

    Someone may be stealing your stuff?
  3. gusmahler

    gusmahler New Member

    It's disappearing literally a second after I put it there. and there's no one on the server right now.
  4. jumpfight5

    jumpfight5 New Member

    Filter+Chunk Loader?
  5. Ako_the_Builder

    Ako_the_Builder New Member

    Someone else on the server is using a chest with the same colour wool pattern on the top as yours I'd guess. Track it down and see if your stuff is there.

    To stop this happening again, you can add a diamond to the hasp of the chest to make it into a private network of chests that only you can place (other people can get into the chest but only you can place them by adding the diamond). You get the diamond back if you break the chest.
  6. gusmahler

    gusmahler New Member

    How do you re-color your chests? The recipe of ender chest above three dyes doesn't work for me.
  7. jumpfight5

    jumpfight5 New Member

    Right click a dye onto one of the slots?
  8. SynysterBear

    SynysterBear New Member

    This should work but as soon as someone sees it you gonna have to change it.

    Diamond lock it gusmahler
  9. jumpfight5

    jumpfight5 New Member

    Yea, he asked how to change the color, but the diamond is the best idea.

    What's your coloring, anyways? If it's like 2nd or 3rd tier dyes, you shouldn't have too big of a problem unless someone is trying to steal your stuff. But if you used Whitewhitewhite...yea, you shouldn't be using it in the first place.
  10. BananaSplit2

    BananaSplit2 New Member

    I actually had stuff disappearing from enderchest is SP ....
  11. jumpfight5

    jumpfight5 New Member

    That happens when you automatically pump stuff into it. If you manually put items into it, it's not a problem. That's a known problem.
  12. HLang1989

    HLang1989 New Member

    Had the same issue in SP. switched the enderchest color from all white to (anything else) and the issue went away instantly.

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