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Ender IO item conduits not working for some reason

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Sire Hans, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Sire Hans

    Sire Hans New Member

    Hello, everyone, this is SireHans, a new member to the forum. (P.S First Post)

    So I have having a little bit problem here, I am setting up a really early game semi-automatic oreprocessing setup with EnderIO for the conduits, machines and capacitor bank and Thermal Expansion for steam dynamos. But the EnderIO conduits just doesn't want to extract from the SAG Mill.

    Here is a screenshots:


    Ask me to send more if you want.

    Last, I am aware that I am using a dev build of EnderIO. If this becomes a bug, I wil report it to EnderIO bug report.

  2. Sire Hans

    Sire Hans New Member

  3. darkeshrine

    darkeshrine New Member

    Try going into the sag mill's configuration and set that side to default.
  4. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    By default extract mode requires a redstone signal, did you change that to always active?
  5. SireHans

    SireHans New Member

    +darkeshrine I have tried that, still, it doesn't work.
    bObst3r I am 100% sure that it is set to always active.
  6. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    The sag mill will auto-output, just put them directly next to each other...

    As for the conduits also make sure bot ends are the same colour, redstone mode is set to always active
  7. Sire Hans

    Sire Hans New Member

    I figured out the problem, and it was that the alloy furnace was set to Alloy mode. Derp.

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