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Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Scghost, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. Scghost

    Scghost Member

    Hi guys. Basically i was just wondering if enchanting is affected by any of the mods in the pack? if so, how? if not, is there an easy way to get the enchant that you want? i kinda tired of deleting and pasting my save file because of this silly randomness : /. thanks.
  2. ItharianEngineering

    ItharianEngineering Active Member

    Twilight forest adds the Firey Aura enchant to the enchants you can get. Basically a defensive fire aspect for armor. Other than that I don't think any of them affect enchants. And if you can't handle the randomness you should just get enchantingplus or some similar mod or just cheat rather than wasting time reloading a previous save.
  3. Vovk

    Vovk Active Member

    The twilight forest also offers the tinkering table (uncrafting table)

    You can enchant wooden tools and leather armor until you get the enchantments you want, then upgrade them to diamond and keep repairing them with diamonds when their durability drops.

    Obviously you don't need to just use diamond stuff, works with tools made of anything
  4. Scghost

    Scghost Member

    hmm, i was thinking of doing something similar. but wont i be wasting levels that way?
  5. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    I've also been pondering about this and I've found plenty of things that can replace existing enchants, I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for, but I figured it won't hurt to post what I found here (I think most of this is pretty common knowledge though among experienced FTBers).

    A Macerator can double as a fortune enchant for most ores. I think Coal ore is the only exception to that rule (giving you only 1 Coal per ore, instead of 1-4 like normal). Diamond ore isn't the best either (giving 2 per ore), but with fortune you also get roughly 2 diamond per ore on average. All other ores have very good rates in the macerator.

    Silk Touch can be obtained with a Rockcutter (a rechargeable tool from the GregTech mod).

    A Chainsaw will suit all your wood chopping needs, acting as shears on leaves (and sheep/other things you can use shears on) and cutting through wood quite fast.

    The Portal boots are the perfect replacement for feather falling boots, they can't break and negate all fall damage. I would agree they're a bit unbalanced, but most stuff from the portal mod is I think. If you don't want to use them I think rubber boots from IC2 are a good alternative (they negate fall damage for the first 10 blocks or something, which will reduce the damage from high jumps a lot).

    For other armor you can resort to rechargeable quantum/nano suits which will protect you from lots of stuff.

    So I guess that only leaves swords and maybe shovels. I do know there is the Nano Saber, but I don't know if it can mimic any of the sword enchantments. As for shovels, a mining drill will cut through most stuff you use shovels for without any trouble.
    Personally I just use the Chainsaw as a sword replacement though, it can kill creepers and skeletons in 2 hits, zombies usually in 3. I don't care all that much for mob drops, if I really need them I'll go cave or hunt at night until I set up a mob trap that is. Though I wonder if mob traps are still worth building with all these mods xD

    Anyway I hope you can use some of this info, in the hope I didn't write all this for nothing :p xD
  6. Scghost

    Scghost Member

    thanks for the tips. i knew some of them already, but the mob trap one. got to look into that. what i meant was that even though u the the saw with silk touch it is very slow. in an age with mining fatigue the, the saw is just way way too slow. so basically i was just trying to get a mining pick with silk touch and i think all that randomness is silly for the enchant.
  7. Bibble

    Bibble Well-Known Member

    Not strictly an enchanting thing, but worth noting nonetheless. The hazmat suit (scuba helmet, hazmat chest, hazmat leggings and rubber boots) will nullify all environmental damage (fire, lava, poison, etc) the water one required compressed air cells in your inventory (to breathe from), but the rest are automatic. I find its one of the easiest lava-gathering techniques early on (don suit, swim in nether lake for a bit, emerge with full health and a few stacks of cells), also good for blaze rod collection. The armour will degrade when subject to damage, though, like all others.
  8. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    Yeah I agree, the rockcutter is agonizingly slow xD

    Though I kinda get why gathering XP is pretty much the last thing you want to do, I personally don't feel like setting up a trap for the sole purpose of XP either when you've got all these mods to play around with.
  9. ICountFrom0

    ICountFrom0 Popular Member

    Okay, let me run this past you, theoretically.

    You'd start with the goblin tinkering table (IIRC a maze token with 8 crafting benches), an anvil (lots of iton), and an enchanting table (with lots of books).
    (in 1.4.6 there's the entire book thing as an alternative path)

    Now, you'd enchant Gold versions. Gold gives you more free bonus levels then anything else, it has the highest enchantability.

    Now as you get things you want from the gold, even sharpness 1 can be upgraded with the anvil, you set them aside.
    Take the things you don't want and strip the enchantment by uncrafting them on the tinkering bench.
    Merge on the anvil the things you want until the enchantment is exactly what you want. (Possible targets, infinity bow with flame, sharpness V sword with looting, EFF5 pickaxes with fortune or silk touch. Aim for 2 max)
    Transfer the enchantments to diamond or steel depending on resource level, both last long enough to be worthwhile. (Check if you CAN repair a steel sword on the anvil? Check it on the tinkering bench?)
    Take the resulting tool to the anvil and name it, this locks the cost to repair at the lowest possible level.
    As each of your super tools runs low, let the anvil repair it, there's a setting "repair friendly" that you will want to use.

    This is theory. In practice you'll have your own ideas. Goodluck.
  10. Bavalos

    Bavalos Member

    For mobs, using the portal gun to move spawners into a mob trap is an awesome way to set up an xp farm. I have just a skele and zombie spawner leading to a water elevator to drop and it works great. This solves the xp part of the equation so you can enchant to your heart's content!
  11. Bavalos

    Bavalos Member

    Does the glowstone with a piston x-ray still work? If so, you could give that a shot.
  12. raiju

    raiju Well-Known Member

    Enchants are easiest to manage by abusing pyrite on gregtech > In about an hours work of farming you could get yourself full best possible enchants by using pure enchanting + an anvil to combine them.

    Twilight enchants are weak, mostly because the armor is weak. The wiki says that steeleaf is comparable to diamond without the durability, but that is definitely not true. Fiery also is not equivalent to diamond in either strength, speed, or durability. The fiery sword is the only fiery piece worth considering, ever. That's simply because it's the cheapest sword you can make compared to nano's EU cost and diamonds use for other things - assuming you've killed a hydra or two.

    Hands down gravitation suit, ultimate solar helmet, and the other quantum pieces win, but if you are on gregtech these will take a long, long time to acquire. In the mean time quantum is actually extremely weak if you aren't using the chest (using a jetpack, batpack, etc.). I wouldn't even bother making these pieces until you are near/made the gravitation suit and preferably the helmet too, as even nano will work if you need 100% damage reduction and enchanted diamond gives 96%.

    Longfall boots are handsdown the best thing you can get early game, but once you hit midgame - it may not always be perfect. If you are using a jetpack or batpack, you will get more overall protection from enchanted diamonds boots (to compliment the armor)

    If you are as mentioned numerous times before in this post, using some form of armor that is outside of the quantum set, the rest of the armor should be diamond. This includes when you use longfall boots really.

    Enchanted armor (I say diamond simply because of it's strength and durability, but any will work - ironbark is easy to get strong enchants on without an enchanting table), will give an 80% damage reduction to all forms of damage except falling. This means that it will beat the 50~% you get from quantum without the chest, or the 75~% you get without the helmet, because you will also get protection to damage from the armor itself. In full diamond this is about 96%, without the chest it's about 88%. To reach this plateau you need Protection IV, Protection III, Protection III or greater.

    I wouldn't bother repairing enchanted tools on an anvil, it's extremely expensive. The only possible exception I personally make is bows and swords - for infinity + power, and looting III. Tool enchants are easy to come by (and honestly unnecessary on anything except a pick - I still prefer a mining laser for general purpose). Looting is a great enchant for getting ender pearls, blaze rods, shorter with wither skull grinds, etc.
  13. raiju

    raiju Well-Known Member

    nice to know :) I've never renamed tools really
  14. Exedra

    Exedra Over-Achiever

    If you're going to cheat like that, you may as well press x in NEI.

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