Open Server EmeraldCraft: 24/7 40 slots. + Teams Speak Ultimate Pack->towny

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Jul 29, 2019
Website: To come

We are trying to get a few more plugins to work like griefprevention but all in all its out of beta, the server could be down from crashes, please don't set homes in the other worlds as teleporting through worlds can crash the server
Your Owner : megadestroyer
1. No griefing, swearing (excessively), spamming (chat/commands) or stealing.
2. No use of illegal mods such as: xray, fullbright, fly, speed, etc. (Bannable)
3. No use off illegal modded clients allowed: Nodus, Vanity, etc.
5. No sort of luring other players into traps.
6. Be respectful to all players. Respect goes two ways.
8. Respect and listen to staff, If they are Rude or anything else report them to a higher rank.
Faction Rules:
1.Don't Raid Unless at war.

2.Only Fight In The Twilight or you could be jailed
A New note: Please do not advertise on this server, nor advertise this server on others. I would like to be seen as a respected community .Recently had to convert to this modpack so just getting everything back to normal please come and play.

-Town plugin(To come)
-Mining Age(to come)
-Spawn Area
-Kits(to come)
-Economy and Shops!(to come)
-Faction age(to come)
Banned/Disabled Items:
World Anchor
Destruction Catalyst
Quatom suit
Along with other things