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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by EternalDensity, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Hi folks! I've been lurking around here for a week or so and figured it's about time I join up.

    So, I've been playing the Magic Pack (I wanted to try out TC3 after watching some DW20) for a few days now and I'm quite enjoying it so far. I spawned on a reasonably sized island covered pretty much completely with redwoods, which has been interesting. Fortunately it's not too far by boat to find some vanilla trees (and a coastal village which is on the wrong side of the coastline :p) so I wasn't stuck when I came across a recipe that didn't like redwood. (I forget what it was, and this is besides the point and I'm rambling already, oops.)

    I've completed a little TC2 research, though haven't really done anything substantial with it yet. TE is definitely fun, and I'm very close to filling up some redstone energy conduits which should help in arranging my machines. I've mostly used RailCraft coke as fuel so far, but soon I'll bring my first magmatic engine online. I've also discovered how helpful hoppers are for feeding multiple kinds of ores or dusts into the appropriate machine. And the igneous extruder made reaching the Nether before finding diamonds much easier (in-place obsidian casting is always messy!). It's also nice to be able to produce netherbrick, since I haven't explored far enough to find it naturally yet.

    I haven't done anything with Soul Shards yet, though I plan to. I have found a skelly spawner, and I did find a zombie spawner also... but tragically a creeper blew it up a few seconds layer :O. On the other hand, the dungeon chest contained a block of steel, which let me create a Feed Station without needing to worry about the magma cream needed for a blast furnace :D (And with that and another dungeon, I've found more than a stack of rails, which I don't really need quite yet :p) This has given me plenty of leather for Mystcraft (and raw beef for a villager who will trade it to emeralds :D), but I seriously need to do some more aggressive chicken farming, since there weren't many on the island. I have visited my first three Ages last night (the first ever, since I haven't used Mystcraft before), and escaped each in seconds without mishap with some handy symbols (including glowstone, bright, and flat, plus 3 biome sizes and rates of time, with assorted biomes) so tonight I plan to make a stable flat age and raid villages.

    What else is going on? ... Oh yeah, I also played around with Survivalist's Pickaxes (making a Carpenter so I can stack them in cartons) and for a while thought something was broken. Then I found that the pickaxes and the broken ones were going into my Miner's Backpack :p Whoops!

    I don't think I'll post any screenshots yet, as my build isn't very developed yet and a redwood island isn't *that* interesting.

    I'm considering adding Factorization for the barrels (they just look so awesome) but I'm worried that i'll be added to the pack and it would land me with ID problems (or I might configure it wrong and get messed up ores) so I'm holding off on that for now.

    And no, I did not name myself after the Gem of Eternal Density from EE2.

    [edit] Oh yeah, and maybe I'll use one of the 2 diamonds I've found so far to pop into the TF if I have time after messing around with Mystcraft tonight. And no, I'm not looking for any servers to join, as my terrible internet has never let my SMP attempts get far, other than LAN.

    [edit] More about me: I'm a software engineer/tester working in the hydrological simulation space, I like chicken, sci-fi and I'm a Tobuscus fan (though he regularly fails so hard at Minecraft that it's painful). DW20 is the one to watch if I actually want to learn something about Minecraft.
  2. Greedseed

    Greedseed New Member

    Welcome to FTB.
  3. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Welcome mister novelist ;)
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  4. QueWhat

    QueWhat New Member

    You sir have made perhaps the longest introduction in FTB forum history. Albeit, also very interesting, to the degree where I would almost ask you to start your own LP, but only if you sound like the joker (and even I probably wouldn't watch it, too many LPs to watch as it is).

    And with that I bid you farewell, have a safe journey, and welcome to the abiss forums.
  5. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Thanks for the welcomes! Yeah, I tend to ramble :p And I'm an Aussie (see my location!) so that would be no on sounding like the Joker :p But keeping a log of sorts could be fun.

    So... I still haven't fired up my magmatic engine yet, as I've been fairly occupied with Mystcraft. I first hunted down a few more chickens, then visited a few more random ages before making myself a nice flat meadow age with eternal day and glowstone tendrils. This gave me access to all the farm animals I could ever want, so feathers and leather will never be an issue again :D I broke down one of the tendrils but I don't expect to use up that much glowstone any time soon. I also chopped down three silverwood trees, yielding a grand total of 0 saplings :(

    On the positive side, I raided four TC3 mounds of their loot. Opening up the top takes care of most of the skeletons and zombies, and then I can dig down around the edge to empty the chests without being zapped too much by the wisp. This netted me another diamond and some gold, plus various other random stuff. Now I have 10 thaumium ingots, plus a variety of thaumium tools which would have required 12 ingots to make, without actually researching thaumium :p Also I used up one of my diamonds to make a soul shard, which has so far absorbed two skeleton spawners :D :D To make the raiding easier, I made myself a new link book at each mound that I found, so I could easily pop back and forth between the mound and my main base, rather than needing to return from the age's spawn point each time. I also visited a few more ages after, bringing me up to age 20 (the meadow is age 10).

    I think I should catch up on some ore smelting next, and then get my magmatic engine going (plus make more) so I can power my magma crucible and get those redstone energy conduits filled up. Then I really need to find myself more diamonds. Another flat eternal day age - this time with village generation - should help me find some sweet loot. Also I'd like to explore some of the many biomes I've discovered and collect some types of wood that I haven't encountered yet. Seeing the penguins on a glacier is a must :D

    Perhaps I should start a new thread (such as "The Continuing Adventures of ED") in a more suitable subforum, starting with a better, rewritten version of these entries. And I'll stick in some screenshots too. Anyone interested?
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  6. QueWhat

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    Actually, if you have Aussie accent like the croc hunter, and you are talkative, then do a LP episode and try it out :D Never heard an Aussie do a MC LP. "Craikie, that creeper almost blew up on me, Ima poke with a stick!" :p
  7. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    Maybe I should give it a go. Not sure if I can get it set up right but it's worth a try...
  8. Munaus

    Munaus New Member

    I saw this thread here yesterday but didn't find a good enough way to say hello.
    So I went over to the Other Games and looked at the Corrupted Wishes game, which is kind of fun. I then went to look over at Technic, always clicking on all the mods who are online to see what they are up to, then went over to Kitty Jail to see if the guys have behaved or not. ( bride seems to be a bit too "motherly" about the whole thing), then I went back to main page of technic, yet again clicking on all the mods online, then looked at the Arcade section to look if anyone has viewed the thread Kenshi, very few sadly :(
    I went to look at Kenshis forum and decided to tell them I had advertised the game in 2 forums.
    I went back to FTB and, yet again clicking on all the moderators online to see what they are cooking, looked over the introduction section. Still couldnt find a good excuse to post to this thread.

    I did find another introduction thread where I posted. That one was much shorter and easier to troll a bit on, whereas yours is just too text-heavy and hard to find the sweet spot to target on.

    So I decided to call it a day, I made some food and watched one episode of Sons of Anarchy. I did take a quick peek over here after the show, but I felt too tired to post anything. I instead typed AngryJoeShow and scrolled over his videos, mostly for comedy value then actually finding a game worth to buy, the reviewer is hilarious! I swear, his review about Mindjack is a non-stop laughing-your-ass-off!

    So after that I slept

    The next day, that's today, I went to work, about 4-5 am. I hate going early, but I never say no to work. Especially when you get paid for it :p

    So I came back here and watched FTB forums to see many more threads of new victims newcomers so I decided to greet them my boring, usual way.
    Also saw bride getting her 1111th post, gosh she really needs a job :p

    I then came over here and decided: Alright! Time to say " Hi! " to this fella.

    Hi and welcome to FTB

    PS. I would have loved to put anything MC related, but I don't play MC anymore.

    Infact, most of my time goes to work, eat and this foruming I do.

    PPS. sorry if this lil post took some time to post, I'm a very busy person.
  9. QueWhat

    QueWhat New Member

    I saw what you did there Mr. Log-Maintainer ;) You can't help but find a 'sweet spot' for each introduction thread. You sir have earned my +1 Like, and disrespect. :p
  10. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member


    In other news, I really don't have a suitable noise-free space for recording, so the world is spared from hearing my voice. But I will keep logging, in another thread.

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