Early Botania Mana Garden

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    Early Botania Mana Garden Guide

    WARNING: This build is no longer effective. There was an update that DRAMATICALLY increased the water consumption of Hydrodrangeas. This build will drain itself dry.

    As of Build 176, this build works again! And the adjacency nerf of 178 does not affect it.

    Botania is a really cool mod that has gotten a lot of attention since it was included on Forgecraft. In general, it's a really easy mod to get into, however there's some parts that can be a real time-sink if you don't set it up properly, one of those being mana generation. I've got for you a fairly easy early-game mana generation system you can use to get your mana started.

    I had posted a picture of the finished product before, but I wanted to provide a step-by-step guide to making your very own mana garden.

    Step 1: Materials

    Fortunately, all you need is some flowers, a Mana Spreader, and a Mana Pool to get this build accomplished. You'll also need a Petal Apothacary to get the aforementioned objects, since they require Livingwood and Livingstone, which needs a Pure Daisy that is made in a Petal Apothacary.

    Total list of mystical flowers you will need:

    12 Dayblooms: 12 Yellow, 6 Light Blue, 6 Orange
    12 Nightshades: 12 Black, 6 Purple, 6 Grey
    9 Hydrodrangeas: 14 Light Blue, 9 Blue, 5 Pink

    Total mystical flowers needed (the ones that sparkle and say 'mystical {color} flower'):
    • 20 Light Blue
    • 12 Yellow
    • 12 Black
    • 9 Blue
    • 6 Orange
    • 6 Purple
    • 6 Grey
    • 5 Pink
    Step 2: Area Layout

    Now that we have our materials, we're going to need to set up the lay of the land. Start with a 7 x 7 of flat dirt or grass that can see the sun. Or, if you want to make a border around it, you'll need a DW20 9 x 9.


    Once we have our flat land, we will be digging four 2 x 2 holes one deep to make a grid.


    Fill them in with water so you have four infinite springs


    Now dig a hole at the corner of every water pool. If you end up with water where you are digging, you are in the wrong spot. It should look something like this when you are done. Do note the dirt underneath.


    Now for the Mana Spreader. He needs to be directly over the center hole, one extra block up. So, two dirt up behind the direction you are going to be aiming your garden and place your mana spreader, which will be facing you when you place it. Go ahead and place down your Mana Pool outside your little 9 x 9, but in line with the direction the mana spreader is aimed at.


    Now to aim the Mana Spreader. Grab your Wand of the Forest, click on your Mana Spreader, then Shift + Right Click it. This may cause it to aim a funky direction, don't worry. Now Shift + Right Click your Mana Pool. Your mana spreader should now be aimed at your mana pool. Shift + Right Click your mana spreader again to turn off the aiming function.


    Step 3: Day and Night

    We're going to start off with Dayblooms and Nightshade, mostly because you need mana to make the Hydrodrangeas. So, get familiar with your Petal Apothecary. You're probably going to want it right next to a water source because you're going to need to refill it after each plant.

    Remember those flowers I told you to get earlier? Get them out. You're going to need your Yellow, Black, Orange, Grey, Purple, and six of your Light Blue flowers. Leave the rest for now. You're also going to need about a half stack or so of seeds.

    Craft petals by putting the flowers in your crafting square. We should use all the petals here, so no need to worry about excess. Make sure your Petal Apothecary is full of water. Now, for Dayblooms, put in two yellow petals, an orange petal, and a light blue petal into the Petal Apothecary, then toss in a seed.
    Badda bing, badda boom, we've got a daybloom! Now repeat this eleven more times.

    Got 12 dayblooms? Excellent! Now do the same with 2x Black, 1x Grey, and 1x Purple plus a seed to get a Nightshade. Rinse, wash, repeat until you have a dozen of them as well.

    Now, dayblooms and nightshade doesn't like to be planted next to each other, so there's a pattern to use to ensure maximum efficiency. For myself, it's simple: You see all these two-block pieces of dirt around the water pools? One daybloom and one nightshade goes on each. If you want to get fancy, you can use a left/forward algorithm, making sure that (facing the same direction always) the daybloom is placed on the left dirt block for the horizontal rows, and is placed in the forward block on the vertical rows. But as long as you don't have two dayblooms or nightshades next to each other, it'll work. Here's what mine looks like:


    You should also note that the Mana pool is now filling up with mana. This is needed for the next step.

    Step 4: Water Power

    Now for those Hydrodrangeas. Grab the rest of the mystical flowers on the list and turn them into petals. You should only have one pink and one light blue petal left over when we are done.

    If we look in the Botania book for the Hydrodrangea, we'll notice it requires a blue mana petal and a light blue mana petal. These are obtained by tossing a blue or light blue mystic petal onto the mana pool. If it has enough mana, it'll make a mana petal. This can take a while, because dayblooms and nightshades aren't all that spectacular at generating mana.

    1 mystic blue + 1 blue mana + 1 light blue mana + 2 light blue mystic + 1 pink and then toss in a seed, and that's a Hydrodrangea. Now you're going to need nine of them. My suggestion here is to start placing the ones you CAN make immediately, because Hydrodrangeas produce much more mana than either Dayblooms or Nightshades do.

    They go in the little holes in the corners like so:


    Best of all, it's expandable!


    This is a low-tech early-game mana garden that provides good mana generation for the space taken up. Obviously, if you have things like Thermalilies and Serenade of the Nether, you're going to be able to out-produce this. However, this can easily be the first mana garden you grow, and it will be able to support your mana habits for quite some time.
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  2. Cptqrk

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    This... this is great...
    I've been looking at this mod for a while now, but haven't really seen anyone lay this out like this.
    Great job!
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  3. ShneekeyTheLost

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    Actually, it gets better. If you place dirt blocks one block over the water, you can put another eight each of Dayblooms and Nightshades down. Little earthen domes over water pools. Doesn't hurt the Hydrodrangeas that I can tell.
  4. RealSketch

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    Nice guide!
    This would go well on the wiki as a getting started guide...hint hint. :p
  5. Cptqrk

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    Permission is in her spoiler sig :)
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  6. RealSketch

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    I don't read sigs often, especially from members I don't see much. :p
    Though it would be best if he wrote it himself.
  7. ShneekeyTheLost

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    As listed in my sig, permission is granted to the FTB Wiki team to reproduce, in whole or in part, any guide which I post, including this one, so long as credit is attributed. Permission is also given to edit for content or for formatting to comply with Wiki page formatting requirements.
    For the record: 'his'.
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  8. Gideonseymour

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  9. Cptqrk

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    My bad!
  10. Adonis0

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    Wanting to add to this
    (I know this post is old, shh)

    If you make the floating variations of the hydroangea's, sunblooms and nightshades. (Requires two glowstone, a mystic flower, dirt, and a pasture seed) then you can turn this mana farm into something a little more mid game. Reason being, they're waterproof and don't require dirt underneath.

    and as such, your farm can be improved like this
    Notable improvements, room for more sunblooms/nightshades above hydroangeas, and each hydroangea has 8 source blocks surrounding it instead of 4 now
  11. ShneekeyTheLost

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    Actually, you can make it far more compact using the floating island variations. And you can make a water tower, since hydrodrangeas don't care what is above them and the floating island variations can stack upon themselves. It means you can scale in two dimensions for stupidly large amounts of passive mana production.

    Of course, by this time, if you have Blood Magic, you can have a full-up Serenade Of Nether + Thermalillies setup which is even more compact and more mana production.

    Also, I had realized that by expanding my mana garden to 8 x 8, I can increase the number of Hydrodrangeas to 16.
  12. Adonis0

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    Well, the thing is for the serenade of the nether part, you need a supply of blood infrastructure

    So, for me, this is a fantastic intermediate that I'll probably be setting up in my actual survival world for things I don't want to be dependent on my blood magic (random fertiliser here, or flower production there which don't use that much mana)
  13. ljfa

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    I tried this, but occasionally the water pools get drained completely. If I were to make the pools 3x3 then the outermost flowers would not reach the spreader.
  14. Chefbarbie74

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    New update made the Hydros more "diligent".
    Use the four corners and the middle, you always have 2 source blocks that way. I make up the slack with a manually fed thermolily.
  15. ljfa

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    I'm not even using the most recent version (I'm on 140)
    Too bad that I'm gonna have to give up half of the Hydroangeas

    Edit: Wait, does "diligent" mean it's using up water more quickly @Vazkii ? I'm not sure right now
  16. ewsmith

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    what about an arcane spa used in conjunction? the hydroageas drain the pools and the spa refills them.
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  17. ljfa

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    I'm not into Thaumcraft yet but that might be a solution.
  18. ewsmith

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    if you have buildcraft you can use the floodgate to similar effect. you'd need more floodgates but they are cheaper
  19. Antaioz

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    huh... In the 3x3 pool setup I have, the flowers all reach the spreader no problem.

    3x3 pools, and 2x2 or 2x3 around the outside to maximise drinking possibilities. Ignore the tree, its just random.
    over-the-top dayblooms, in more than one way ;).
  20. ljfa

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    But not if you have 16 Hydroangeas. Then it would require a 10x10 square area, but the spreader can only reach a 9x9 square.
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