DW20 1.18.2 Mod Pack Issue Summary on our world

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Jul 29, 2019
Here is a summary of the latest issue experienced on the BrewCraft DW20 1.18.2 (v1.2) Server (Which is publicly listed in MineTogether BTW)

Firstly -- The LOVE!! so this doesn't seem like a rant let me tell you how much we adore the Sophisticated line of mods. Top Drawer addition to any pack. As usual the pack seems to be a great mix of tech and magic with enough of the cheaty mods to make even the most casual player happy.

The issues:

1 - Functional Storage (A cheap storage drawers replacement) is poo-poo. I get that it's all new and seems to have a group of FTB Fanboys (Latvian/Max) etc. but it has 1/3 the functionality of Storage Drawers and their compacting drawers are not configurable so they don't respect many of the nuggets/compressed recipes that are in this modpack.

examples: ender frags, COPPER nuggets, etc.

2 - Worldgen: I know it's being slowly corrected (ae2 ore, nickel, silver, etc) but the overworld generator is beautiful but horribly mod wrecking. We launched our server at 1.0. There are NO AE2 ores in visited areas and no way to retrogen with Kube (which was used to add it back in). No meteors either. AE2 is a no-go on this server now unless we wipe.

Iron is RARE -- let me tell you that ender pearls are being traded for small quantities of iron. Yes.

Redstone is not exactly RARE but not in enough quantity needed for a Tech pack. if this was a pure magic pack, sure..

No Mengelin Biomes and trees are pretty rare. Not a world killer, but annoying.

Vanilla biomes seem to be so pushed into the background. When attempting to find a Desert or Badlands biome they were located 7K away and when eventually found they were about 5 chunks in size.

The worldgen definitely needs tweaking -- as far as the resources go it would really behoove the pack developers to use a mining dimension since the only miners (except MEK's digital miner) are super world altering. Already we have loads of areas that are nothing but dirt/grass blocks that look like trees as people use RFTools builders to slowly destroy the world. (and who thought the forward thinking peeps @ FTB would add their own pack that has yet ANOTHER world destroying miner rather than coming up with something more server/world/aesthetic)

Nether Worldgen -- Beautiful -- but also extremely hard to navigate. You almost have to fly if you are unfortunate enough to have your portal drop you in one of those basalt volcanic column biomes -- and the biomes are BIG. And quartz? forget about it. It only spawns in Netherrack and a very large portion of the Nether is not based on Netherrack. Fortunately you can find quartz biomes that are made of quartz block -- but that's a hell of a challenge to early gamers just trying to get some quartz.

3 - Logistics. Add another pipe mod besides PIPEZ. There are documented issues with it and it has its limitations. The only other high-speed transport mod is Mek, and like I mentioned earlier you have to buy into mek 100% to use it. Those that don't are screwed. I get that PIPEZ is super server friendly; but connections are either send/receive never both. You can't filter at the destination -- and we're currently experience a problem where the send filtering isn't respecting forge tags anyway. (a whole different bug we're about to push up to them)

4 - add in the data pack that prevents Minecolonies from spawning all those ugly abandoned villages everywhere. they destroy the terrain and especially in the high-noise worldgen of 1.18.2 they never generate properly and leave ugly terrain and sheer cliffs