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Discussion about hungry nodes( need help finding out what stabilizing they meant in the video! )

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Don_Brko, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Don_Brko

    Don_Brko New Member

    Okay so, please watch the first 5 minutes of this video before you actually comment.

    Okay, now that you've watched it, I found one of the hungry nodes and I am feeding it ATM, but what did they mean by Stabilizing the node? Are they going to put it a node in a jar and then transport it to their base and put it on a node stabilizer, or simply put a stabilizer under? But how would they transfer the Vis with the chargers? For what I've seen they're going to use these nodes as wand chargers etc in their base. Any suggestions/tips? Help?
  2. rungok

    rungok New Member

    I too want to know about stabilizing hungry nodes, one of my server friends actually saw one spawn and it was terrifying. How do you get close enough to capture it without getting killed?

    Like, I cant get close enough to PUT obsidian down next to one without getting eaten.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2015
  3. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Apparently one way to stop them from destroying the stabilizer is to make it tainted first, but I hear theres primal orbs or something that can change node types. Gonna figure it out eventually.

    Also, with powerful enough armor, they cant kill you.
  4. rungok

    rungok New Member

    I have made a set of bound armor on this server. So I am to understand they can't tear obsidian from where it is placed?
  5. tindin

    tindin New Member

    yes hungry nodes cant eat obsidian but can still pull you in
  6. Jakalth

    Jakalth New Member

    one method is to make small pillars between you and the node and make more pillars, closer to the node, until you can get close enough to start surrounding the node while still remaining behind one of these pillars. This way you can't be sucked strait into the node, but it is still tricky doing it this way.

    As for stabilizing the node, I think you can use the wand of equal trade to replace the obsidian block directly under the node with a node stabilizer. This might be what they are talking about doing. The node stabilizer "should" be able to activate before being eaten by the node.

    Otherwise I think they plan on making a node in a jar and have an obsidian cage ready for the node to be put inside, at their base. And have a stabilizer ready once it is there.
  7. rungok

    rungok New Member

    The pillars plan is a good idea. Once you get picked off the ground all bets are off any other way.

    Too bad there's no "Tie a rope to a post and reel yourself in" Option. That would be kinda cool.

    Maybe that equal trade trick would work. [Edit] nevermind that's to turn it off.
  8. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    the only things hungry nodes won't suck up is obsidian and other nodes (though they can still suck other nodes dry from their essentia)
    even if you're quick enough to put a node stabilizer under the hungry node and activate it, the node will still suck it up afterwards

    personally I hoped that the advanced node stabilizer would be able to prevent environmental effects from nodes from happening, but sadly that's not the case

    also you should be able to transfer nodes around using the teleposers from Blood Magic.
    to do this with hungry nodes, create a 3x3x1 platform beneath the hungry node, and place the teleposer in the center beneath the obsidian
    then use a focus with a 3x3x3 area, link it up, and place another teleposer at the location you want to transfer the node to.
    place the focus in the second teleposer, give it a redstone signal and voila
  9. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    How do you guys find a hungry node anyway?

    I'm flying in all 4 directions, up to 3 km away, and I have yet to find one. So far I've seen a lot of sinister nodes and a few tainted nodes but that is it.
  10. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    well, personally I never look for them, I just run into them and try to back away as fast as possible before I get sucked in.
    it'd be nice though if there were certain conditions for hungry nodes to appear
  11. simon1ace

    simon1ace New Member

    If u have botania installed u can use the sash (top tier) to move away from it safely



    not too hard to do the hard part is moving and stabilizing them.
  12. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Just look for the tale tale signs of destruction around it. Ive found two so far in my current world, one was underground. Pure dumb luck though.
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  13. rouge_bare

    rouge_bare Well-Known Member

    I've actually found all but one of the hungry nodes I've discovered myself over fairly large bodies of water. These are arguably the most dangerous Hungry Nodes, as you can't see any tell-tale signs of damage. I've not actually attempted to tame one since the introduction of vis relays and networks into Thaumcraft.. maybe I should if i find one next time i'm doing a vis network.
  14. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Is there a way to induce a transformation from a normal node to a hungry node?
  15. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    from what I know there's not, unless there's an addon who has added a mechanic for that, but I believe the addons also don't have a mechanic for this.
    I do know if you place down creative nodes you have a small chance of getting a hungry node
  16. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Right clicking a node with a primeval pearl or whatever they are called can change them to bright.
  17. mattp_12

    mattp_12 New Member

    You can also hang glide away. I learned about that from Etho's 1.6.4 crackpack lets play.

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