Problem Disabling Voxel's Nametags?

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New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Is there any way to disable the obnoxious VoxelBox nametag/minimap mod that comes with some of the packs? (MindCrack, specifically.) Running a PvP server is nearly impossible when you've got a box over your head that shows for a good 200 metres in every direction. Not to mention the cheat-esque minimap, which displays players as well as mobs.

I've already researched this quite a bit, and this is just a last resort here. I've tried using ClientPermissions, Voxel's native blocker plugin for CraftBukkit (I'm using MCPC myself.) as well as the VoxelPackPlugin. But there's either a problem with the mod not being registered through MCPC, or it's a problem with the mod being disguised by the modpack itself, as nothing shows up when I run the query to show the mods that can be toggled/given permissions. The VoxelPackPlugin simply breaks my server whenever anything is disabled in the configuration.

I can't simply ask everyone to turn off the mod, and the entire point of using FTB is the ease and accessibility of automatic installation. I'd make my own collection, but not everyone that's going to be playing on my server has the (albeit basic) skills to install a multitude of mods.

And I understand the mod is clientside and all, but I'm looking for any way out of this. Block codes, a similar plugin, a fix for ClientPermissions, etc. Thanks in advance, everyone.