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Whitelist Server Direwolf20 server looking for a few mature players for co-op play

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by C0do, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. C0do

    C0do New Member

    If your looking for a comfortable environment to build and experiment with the modpack and what it has to offer with other adults in a non griefing, friendly environment, let me know. I would prefer people who have some previous experience with the mods. In other words, i want to create a forgecraft like environment, although I dont expect everyone to have the skill levels of the forgecrafters. I have a new server that I just installed and am looking for some new friends. PVP is enabled but not the focus of the server.
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  2. George Duggan

    George Duggan New Member

    Im interested as long as there no extra mods you have to download

    IGN- MrGeorge547
    Age - 18
    Info - I know quite alot about mods such as applied energisics and Big reactors. Ive been playing modded minecraft since 1.4 technic and then heard of Ftb and moved over as technic got rid of some of favourite mods.

    feel free to send me message
  3. Sjonhetschaap

    Sjonhetschaap New Member

    I would like to join your community based server, I like playing together on a small whitelisted server

    IGN - Sjon_het_schaap
    Info- I've been playing FTB since its release, and been playing on whitelisted servers for quite a while.
  4. widmox

    widmox New Member

    I would also like to join your server, love the forgecraft series, I would like to be a part of it :)

    IGN - widmox
    Age - 18
    Info - I know some mods such as Tinker's construct, Thermal expansion, Buildcraft, Industrial craft, thaumcraft and so on. I had been playing on technic pack, but direwolf 20 1.7 has a lot more to offer. Also, any communication such as skype or team speak won't be a problem
  5. Skidd2

    Skidd2 New Member

    IGN: Skidd23
    Age: 27

    I've been playing with mods since I think 1.25? I dont know, it was with EE2 and IC1... been a while. I'm most experienced with tech mods, but less so with magic mods like witchery, which is a mod I will (on purpose) have nothing to do with. I do know a bit of thaumcraft, however.

    I'm looking for a good stable place to play with people online, so I can get some awesome builds out there :)
  6. Stewart397

    Stewart397 New Member

    I would like to join your server and okay together

    IGN: iiSlayer
    Info: I enjoy playing with tech mods and some magic mods I also like to use bees and love to build nice houses and buildings. Willing to do any work as part of a team. I have TeamSpeak as well I have been playing since the technic days and have played on other direwolf20 servers
  7. Stewart397

    Stewart397 New Member

    Hey just checking if you got my info for your server
  8. Tristeal

    Tristeal New Member

    Hello, I would like to do a joint co-op style Direwolf20 pack :)

    IGN: Tristeal
    Age: 29
    Info: Although I like all the tech/magic mods, I like to build buildings and give them lots of character.
  9. SixyKyon

    SixyKyon New Member


    Age: 19
    Info: I've been playing with mods for a long time now. I have no personal prefference of mods, i like to experiment with all and new mods to find ways they can interact with each other.
  10. iamtherahj

    iamtherahj New Member

    Hello! I used to run a DW20 server, but my friends developed RL issues that keep them from playing. I am looking for a new group to play with. I have a bit of experience with most of the major mods in the pack.
    IGN: iamtherahj
    Age: 26
  11. Jenetix

    Jenetix New Member

    Hello, Looking for a good place to play with my friend hes new to minecraft modded but i have played many hours hoping to find a good fit here.
    IGN: DamoclesX
    Age: 21
    IGN: Jenetix
    Age: 24
  12. CGasper

    CGasper New Member

    IGN- CGasper
    Age - 19
    Info - Hm, well. I love Thaumcraft, and i'm pretty good at it, acctually i like all the Magic Modes on this pack. I really like Applied Energetics too, its a really good mod.
  13. Aydin29 Returns

    Aydin29 Returns New Member

    [IGN] Aydin29
    [Age] 14
    [Info?] Uh, hey. I normally hate this game but my friends have been ranting at me to try something like this. Can I join you guys to try it out?
  14. Nordic Viking

    Nordic Viking New Member

    IGN - TnTcart
    Age - 17
    Info - I have lots of experience with alot of the mecanical mods + thinkers construkt + applied energetics and i just love the forgecraft series.

    I am upp for skype or teamspeak aswell
  15. Macoza

    Macoza New Member

    IGN- macoza
    Age- 22
    Info- Really just bored with SSP and just want a small server to play on
  16. eteninty

    eteninty New Member

    IGN - Mythaell
    Age - 25
    Info - Been playing FTB for a couple years, I usually stick to direwolf20 packs because it was watching him that got me started. I tend to focus on magic mods, but not exclusively. I love servers around 5-15 players. Send me a PM if I can join you! Thanks!

    I'm up for any kind of voice chat.
  17. Peedyman

    Peedyman New Member

    IGN - Peedyman
    Age - 25
    Info- I have been playing various ftb mods on and off over the years i know most of the mods very well, and i play at all hours every day usually:)

    voice chat is very welcome. makes the server come together and become a great community
  18. Satos

    Satos New Member

    IGN - satosCZ
    Age - 24
    Info - I've been playing minecraft only with mods. Don't like vanilla. I pretty much understand most of the mods.
  19. C0do

    C0do New Member

    I have accepted all the players I can at this time. I apologize for those I could not get in at this time.

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