Direwolf 20 Pack Update News

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Jul 29, 2019
Server files should be working.

Update: Important: The upload of the DW20 1.1.4 Server files lost some bits and bytes in upload. We are uploading a fixed version. We will update this post when the fixed version is available. If you download a version and Windows explorer says it is a corrupt zip file you have gotten the bad version. It won't kill your computer it just won't work.

OK so as everyone knows we have had some issues with the Direwolf20 pack and have been looking for the best solution to the issue. The following is the steps that we have taken to help resolve these problems.

The existing Direwolf20 pack will remain on the launcher as a private pack using the code DW20, you will be able to re-add this to your launcher for compatibility with existing worlds. this pack will receive no further updates.

There will be a v2 of the Direwolf20 pack uploaded today and will replace the old pack as a general pack. This pack will require world restart and starts at version 1.1.3. This pack's changelog can be found here. Direwolf20 1.1.3 changelog. T

Also we have added Unleashed 1.1.4 and Direwolf20 1.1.4 for testing purposes. (These can be found in the version dropdown box) and the changelog for that can be found here. and in the above Direwolf20 threads.

(These may take a couple of hours before the downloads work)

KNOWN ID MISMATCH THING (Not a bug read for more info)

Mod Pack: Direwolf20 1.5.2 (v1.1.4)

I was under the impression that a world created with the code "Iwanttorestartmyworld" would be transferable to the later versions without ID issues.

I created a new world with that code and have been playing it for a while.

I downloaded the latest version and copied my world folder to the save folder in the latest version of the mod pack, however upon attempting to load the save I receive the following ID mismatches:

Anyone know what's up?

Press ok. We hit this during testing. (I'll make a post about it) A couple mods changed the names of items, which causes the game to say the id is mismatched for example:

Fir wood slabs used to be ExtraTrees_fir_slab and is now BinnieCore_fir_slab (not exactly but close) .. same id, same item, different name and the game goes "waaaah mismatched items" we couldn't find any instances where items disappeared when loading up save games after pressing ok and we had a lot of people testing and yanking their hair out, it is unlikely items will vanish if you are updating from the "Iwanttorestartmyworld" to 1.1.3 (insert standard disclaimer)
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