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Direwolf 1.4.6 X-Ray Mod Help

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by six7th, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. six7th

    six7th New Member

    Hi, i've been trying to install an x-ray mod for direwolf 1.4..6 and i have tried installing it through the launcher and out of the launcher putting it in all the mod folders. It still doesn't work so if someone could please give me a guide on how do do it

  2. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 Over-Achiever

    Step one: Don't
    Step two: ?????
    Step three: Profited from not cheating XD
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  3. Nordri

    Nordri New Member

    Want easy resources?
    "Play" creative.
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  4. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    Guys, that is just plain rude...

    As long as he remains in his single player world, he can do whatever he wants with cheating.
    That is his own choice, and he might enjoy it more than the "normal" way.

    Now, I googled "xray mod", and found one, but it doesn't have a 1.4.6 version (only 1.4.5 and 1.4.7).
    Could you providde a link to the forum thread for the mod, so that I can try to see?

    Oh, and a crash log if it did crash, that could help too.
  5. SteveTech

    SteveTech Active Member

    I am not intimately familiar with X-ray mod, other than it's purpose is to see through the ground to find ores, typically used in SMP in order to get an unfair advantage and thusly ruin economy servers. Since

    I do not use it and have not ever really talked to anybody who does, what is a legitimate reason to want it?
    • There is no reason to X-Ray in SSP if you are trying to gather ores, that is just silly, especially with NEI built into the DW20 pack.
    • There is no acceptable reason to want it in most SMP, you are a cheater and ruin the game for everyone else.
    • If you plan on using it to "check ore gen" you are full of crap, not only would it be inefficient at the job it would only serve to mislead you.
  6. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S Active Member

    Well, I'd like some kind of x-ray to show where do I have a mistake in wiring/piping. This is not enough reason for me to bother with fully fledged x-ray mod, but some simple "make 10 blocks from player transparent" would be really helpful.
  7. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    I do use a custom XRay texture pack in my SSP, when I want to know if there are dungeons in the mystcraft age I created, for example.

    As I said, as long as it is only used in SSP, no problem about that, saying that "you have X, Y or Z, why bother" is not helping. What is wrong with wanting a specific tool when you are the only one that will be influenced by it?
    When you connect to a server, the server knows what mods you are using anyway, so you can be kicked or banned for using it, if the admins of that server actually do their job.
    In SMP, you are going to influence others, as you would gain unfair advantage, so that is indeed not a good thing.

    If all fails, you could install a mapper that support the search of specific blocks (don't remember the name, but it had the letter G at the end).
  8. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 Over-Achiever

    Incorrect. Most servers use a tool that gives a popup to mods/admins when a player mines a diamond, and if the same player pops up multiple times they will go invisible and follow said player to determine if they are using the xray cheat.
    And this is said via experience as a mod of a large public tekkit server.
  9. Lakart

    Lakart Active Member

    Actually it IS correct that when you connect to a server all of the mods you connect with are listed in the console. The thing is though, an "x-ray mod" isn't really a mod so much as a texture pack with stone and such set to transparent, and servers don't detect what texture pack you use.
  10. Shurken

    Shurken Active Member

    Chances are he wants to use it in SMP. He didn't specify why, probably because he knows he will get shit for admitting to wanting it for an unfair advantage in SMP. Also, if he was using it for ores in SSP there's a thing called NEI which he can just take them out of. He can also switch to creative. I highly doubt he is using it to look at wiring because anyone who has that much wiring and put time into making something from redstone wouldn't go and use some cheap trick.

    No. For one, servers don't detect what mods you are using until you USE them, not when you connect. X-ray can't be detected by targeting the X-Ray mod itself because it is client-side which means it only affects the user's vision. You can put plugins in to detect when they mine a block only accessible to someone X-Ray, such as a series of hidden doors and pathways that lead to a special chest/block. Otherwise the only way to find out someone is using a X-Ray is to follow them around which shouldn't have to be the case. There shouldn't be cheaters to begin with.

    Even if this kid is only using it for SSP, who says he won't use it in SMP in the future when he gets bored of SSP? How do you know there aren't people watching this thread intent on using the X-Ray for SMP? Don't trust people the second you see/meet them on the internet. It's easy to lie and cheat when you have the anonymity of the internet.[DOUBLEPOST=1358620765][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Even if it were to tell you all of the mods you connect with you wouldn't know it was an x-ray mod if it wasn't called an x-ray mod. Some x-ray mods only edit a couple class files, others have an entire folder.
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  11. DaveSW

    DaveSW Member

    Cheaters always feel like they are being discriminated against when people call them out for cheating. 'Cheater' isn't a protected group. Expect people to give you crap.
  12. Enigmius1

    Enigmius1 Well-Known Member

    It's not rude. It's a community setting boundaries with people, and there are so many wrongs in the OP's request I think it's entirely appropriate to put on the brakes and discourage this kind of post. Some highlights of the wrongness:

    1) Support requests belong in the support forum. Asking how to install a mod not included with any FTB pack is a support request.
    2) The person downloading the mod should be reading the mod author's install instructions. If there are no install instructions, the mod can't be that great. Don't download something that comes without any support of its own and then expect us to decipher its usage for you.
    3) Don't be naive. X-ray mods are used for cheating, plain and simple. If someone wants to use one in SSP, great. They can download it and install it on their own, and if they need help doing so they can request that help through the appropriate channels.

    Contrary to what our preschool teachers told us, not every question is a good question and not all behavior deserves a pat on the head. The responses the OP got could have been way worse. The ones he did get were actually fairly neutral.
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  13. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 Over-Achiever

  14. SAI Peregrinus

    SAI Peregrinus New Member

    I use an x-ray mod for debugging complex wiring and automation setups (I tend to compact everything heavily and cover it all up, if something goes wrong I hate tearing the whole thing apart trying to fix it). That said, I'll not distribute it because of the arguments above, they're too open to abuse. AFAIK there are no (publicly available) x-ray mods that work with Forge.

    If you are at the level of redstone building where you would need a legitimate x-ray mod you are at the level where you can write your own. And they're not just textures, the game doesn't render occluded blocks by default, so you have to change that to see anything behind the "transparent" blocks.
  15. Nordri

    Nordri New Member

    Making completely irrational assumptions, are we?

    Source: Personal experience.
  16. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    There seems to be some confusion.

    XRay textures just put transparent texture for the "standard" blocks, so you can only see where there are ores that are already exposed, as Minecraft indeed doesn't even try to render a block if it is not adjacent to air or a block marked as transparent.

    XRay mods change how Minecraft renders to force the rendering of blocks, such as diamond ores an the likes, even when they are completely encased in stone.
    It does lag the game a little, as well as completely scrap compatibility with Forge, as Forge does modify the same files to add the hooks that the modders use for their custom renderer (RP, XYcraft. etc)
  17. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Error 'Quick and easy fix' is incompatible, try using patches 'common sense' and 'actual achievement'

    Generally most hacks are often bugged, or may contain 'extras' to rip passwords ect...
    If you don't know what you're doing, probably best not to install them.​

    Why don't you try testing your build before encasing it in stone?​
  18. electroscape

    electroscape Member

    Not true. i know this because i run as server off my home computer.
    whan a player logs in, it says quote "player (player) logged in with entity id (buncha techical mumbo-jumbo) and mods (mod list)"
  19. SAI Peregrinus

    SAI Peregrinus New Member

    If you're making a device both dense enough and complex enough for an X-Ray mod to assist in debugging, it's probably a redstone computer. If you're capable making a redstone computer, you can make an X-Ray mod.
    It could also be block ROM, or a large RAM array, or a big barrel shifter, but since almost all such devices are primarily used as components in redstone computers it's still likely you're making a computer, and can thus figure out how to make an X-Ray mod.

    Further, CJB's old (1.4.5 and below) mod pack is open source, and while most of it isn't cheat-y there is an x-ray mod there. Even if you can't make your own from scratch if you can handle making particularly complex redstone devices you can certainly learn enough Java to update it to the latest version of MC.
  20. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    Redstone logic and programming have very few things in common, you know...

    And working with someone else's code can be tricky, depending on obfuscation, (lack of) comments, and generally different approach.
    I don't know if you know much about java and mod programming for Minecraft, but it is way harder than just the basic "hello world".

    If it was that easy to make a mod, I would already have multiple ones, and every single mod would be way more advanced, after 2 years working on them, for some.
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