Open Server Dig For Diamonds [DW20v1.1.2][1.5.2][24GB Ram][MyTown][Economy][Twilight Forest][Mall][TS3][MCMMO]

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Jul 29, 2019
From the left to right​
Admin: Fabledtruth​
Owner: Busi​
Moderator: Roxciena​
ΩΩΩ About The Server ΩΩΩ
Our aim as a server is to provide players with​
legit gameplay and an awesome community. To make sure that everyone has a​
great time, we do use a couple of really neat plugins.​
These are mostly centered around making sure that everyone's stuff stays safe.​
We have clearly laid out rules which all players are expected to follow.​
Any unfriendly behaviour is strongly frowned upon.​
ΩΩΩ Feature ΩΩΩ
1. No Whitelist! Join and have fun​
2. Dedicated server (No Lag)​
3. Shops (Not enabled yet but will soon come)​
3. Towns (Claim your land, build fortresses)​
4. Many more plugins​
ΩΩΩ Plugins ΩΩΩ
As mentioned, we do have a couple of plugins to ensure that our players have a​
great time. One of these is Towny, which enables players to protect​
their property from other players. Players also have access to Lockette, a cool little plugin that lets you lock your stuff​
using signs. also some plugins are disabled due to griefing / bugs and other things​
ΩΩΩ Banned Items ΩΩΩ
Disabled Plugins​
Gravi Gun​
ΩΩΩ Banned Items ΩΩΩ
Mining Laser​
Canvas Bags​
Quarry and Filler​
Age books​
and more, a fully list can be found on our forum or ingame​
1. No griefing, swearing (excessively), spamming (chat/commands) or stealing.​
2. No use of illegal mods such as: xray, fullbright, fly, speed, etc.​
3. No use off illegal modded clients allowed: Nodus, Vanity, etc.​
4. No abusing PVP glitches in a NON-PVP Zone.​
5. No sort of luring other players into traps.​
6. Be respectful to all players. Respect goes two ways.​
7. Don't discriminate against any players.​
Grade 3 - Mute/Kick:​
No asking for ranks.​
No 1x1 towers.​
No floating forests.​
No asking for spawning of items, or weather/time changes.​
Avoid talking in all caps, or spamming your messages.​
No falsely accusing players of breaking rules.​
Grade 2 - 2 hour temp ban:​
No stealing. This includes from unprotected chests.​
No spawning withers near other player's builds.​
Respect all players on the server.​
No advertising other servers or YouTube channels.​
Grade 1 - One week ban / Three week ban / Permanent ban:​
No X-RAY mods.​
No vandalism of other player's builds.​
No harassment of other players.​
No hacking (Fly-mod, anything from hackforums)​
No racism.​
Do not abuse glitches or exploits.​
Rules broken excessively will escalate the offence to the next grade.​
Donators are not in any way exempt or given special treatment.​
ΩΩΩ More Information ΩΩΩ
Only Forum is only atm, but main site will soon come
Server IP:
Server Port: 25565
Slots: 500
Server Location: EU
We also have a sister server runnning Ultimate that can be found here


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Jul 29, 2019
We now have:
Public Link Book modifiers
Enchanting tables
Forge Lexcons
Shopping area!


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Jul 29, 2019
Why are canvas bags and Grav Guns banned?!? those are like the best items in the mod pack...


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Jul 29, 2019
server is still growing in size each day and we are more that happy to see new faces each day :)


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Jul 29, 2019
Just joined the server and it looks nice. Maybe you should check your website becasue it's not working.


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Jul 29, 2019
yeah the server crashed while i was sleeping but its up and running again and also planning to move it to a other server software and therefor can provide much better gameplay


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Jul 29, 2019
soo we have done some big switched with Town plugin, and a lot of new plugins to improve the gameplay
Mining world will be enabled within a few days together with Twilight Forest

but in the big switch we have done we have been forced to do a reset and therefor we also got us a new spawn :) so come and join us.