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Difference Between FTB Mindcrack and FTB Ultimate

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Magyk, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Magyk

    Magyk New Member

    Okay, I was thinking of switching my server's mod pack from mindcrack to the ultimate, but I have a question, what mods would I lose from switching (if any)? Sorry for being so lazy if you think I am lazy for not doing it myself!
  2. Magyk

    Magyk New Member

    Could I have some help please?
  3. Guswut

    Guswut Popular Member

  4. ThemsAllTook

    ThemsAllTook Active Member

    If you click the "edit mod pack" button in the launcher, it will show you the list of mods for each pack. From there, it should be easy enough to compare the lists for Mindcrack and Ultimate and see what's missing, if anything.
  5. Zivel

    Zivel Active Member

    So rather than read the stickies. You make two posts. You are not lazy, you are either a troll or dumb.
  6. whythisname

    whythisname Active Member

    The only mod I can think of is Traincraft, which is in Mindcrack but not in Ultimate. But besides losing that you'll be gaining many other cool mods.
  7. hotblack desiato

    hotblack desiato Active Member

    the only missing mod is traincraft. if you can live with the situation, that you can't obtain oilsand for centrifuging it... then it's okay.

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