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Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by direfangl, May 10, 2013.

  1. direfangl

    direfangl New Member

    Hi everyone, i have one problem in my (server) map there is no Diamonds , i try look even with xray there is no diamonds, i dont get it why? thats maybe configs or what?
  2. xSINZx

    xSINZx New Member

    Xray dosnt show diamonds that are surrounded by other blocks I think. Well that was my experience with it the one time I tired it.
    Are you diging between say 5 and 16 for diamonds? Strip mining?
    If you havent played with any .cfgs I think if you keep mining you will eventually find some.
    If you dont find any in the overworld, try a mystcraft world.
  3. Adonis0

    Adonis0 New Member

    Without modified configs, the rarity should be exactly the same as vanilla

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