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Diamond making machines

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by lotthunter3, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. lotthunter3

    lotthunter3 New Member

    Is there a machine that will turn something like coal into diamonds or flint i so plz respond to me thank you.
  2. TheQuixote

    TheQuixote Active Member

    "Minecraft industrial diamond"

    There are a couple of tutorials. It's pretty long and drawn out process. If I recall it takes a stack of coal and 1 flint per diamond and a machine will require multiple auto craft tables, a macerator and a compressor.
  3. Zelfana

    Zelfana Well-Known Member

    Open NEI (was it O by default, I changed mine), left click diamond, reverse engineer with right click. You can figure it out I hope. If you don't you need to read up on things and/or play a bit more.
  4. Greyed

    Greyed Active Member

    Long drawn out process? I can craft one in less time it takes for me to find one branch mining. No autocrafting tables needed, though project tables make the process a lot simpler.
  5. TheQuixote

    TheQuixote Active Member

    Long and drawn out in that it's a multi stage process of putting things in a machine, crafting something from it, putting that in a different machine. Not as complicated as a nano suit, more complicated than a circuit.

    The auto craft tables would be for a machine that you can dump coal and flint in one end, and diamonds come out the other side. I've built a couple of those but in the end I've found that once you get your fortune 3 pick mining is a lot more effective and the coal can be used for other things.
  6. Phoenix591

    Phoenix591 Active Member

    Personally I just rockcutter diamonds from the ground... I use a mining laser on low focus to blast through all the dirt/rock and at the end of an hour of zig zaging aroung layer 11 I macerated out around 20-30 diamonds.
  7. Greyed

    Greyed Active Member

    Long and drawn out is putting together a logistics system and building the supporting power structure. That's a several-hour build even if you have all the mats. Industrial diamonds is 3 fire-and-forget-while-you-mine steps interspersed with 2 project table steps, 10 minutes, tops. Honestly I haven't even gotten a Fortune pick and don't miss it. I've wasted more levels on trying for one and subsequently deconstructing the pick for another try than I have spent on anything else. My diamond drill + lappack does me just fine until I get a Quarry and Quarry world up.
  8. Zelfana

    Zelfana Well-Known Member

    Rockcutter for silk touch and macerating the ores is a good alternative to fortune if you are unlucky. You get ~10% less yields than fortune, not that bad. Although then you're wondering what to use levels for. Looting sword!
  9. madaffacca

    madaffacca Well-Known Member

    Raven feather + blaze powder + glowstone (shapeless) = Magic map focus
    Magic map focus surrounded by paper = Magic map
    Open the magic map in th Twilight Forest to easily find hollow hills. In an hour of play you'll easily find a couple of stacks of diamonds (using a rock cutter).

    Macerate a stack of coal
    1 peace of flint surrounded by 8 coal dust = 1 coal ball
    Compress the 8 coal ball you get from a stack of coal to get 8 compressed coal ball
    One block of obsidian surrounded by the 8 compressed coal ball = 1 coal chunk
    Compress the coal chunk to get 1 diamond.
  10. Poppycocks

    Poppycocks Popular Member

    Yeah, that's all nice and dandy fellers.

    Now to something on topic:

    Method A: Build two rock chrushers, feed the first cobble from an igneous extruder, feed the second the gravel out of the first one. A rock crusher has a very low chance of producing diamond when it's crushing gravel. Fair warning, this method is rather inefficient and you'll end up with interdimensional barrels full of sand, it needs a lot of energy, AND let's not forget that you actually need 12 diamods per rock crusher.

    Method B: The industrial diamond method. This one's much more involved technically and was mentioned already. You can macerate coal into coal dust, craft it into coal ball by placing 8 coal dust around a flint, compress the ball to get a compressed coal ball, craft it into a coal chunk by placing 8 compressed coal balls around an obsidian. And finally compress that into a diamond. As you can see the process is kinda long and semi-complicated, and if you wanna do it fully automatically, then you might want to use a rock crusher for flint, igneous extruders for cobble and obsidian, several macerators (or an industrial one), autocrafting tables and compressors. This is complicated stuff, and you'd have to produce all the machines extra instead of using the ones in your workshop, So that means more diamond, especially if you're using gregtech recipes. I'd suggest doing this by hand. Also, in case you're not very good with math, 8x8=64, you need a stack of coal for one diamond. Think if this is really worth it to you.

    Method C: UU matter, this ones is simple, you only need one autocrafting bench for processing the UU into diamonds, however, you also need that for your iridium, so...

    I'll be frank with you, machines for diamonds aren't... worthwhile. It's much easier and faster to just cannon ball(=outrun corruption by using a mining laser set to explosive) trough a dense mystcraft world. Word of advice: mushroom island biomes don't have monsters and also spawn rubies AND sapphires.
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  11. JuliCash

    JuliCash Active Member

    You can also get an System going, which is running autonomous, with no need of coal/flint.. Set up a huge amount of recyclers, feed them with igneous extruders and hook that up to a mass fabricator. than use this uumatter to fabricate diamonds...

    i will cost a lot of building materials (espacially for the power-system) but in the end its running on its own (dont know if its worth it though)
  12. Greyed

    Greyed Active Member

    Agreed, getting coal to diamonds isn't something for automation given how rarely one uses diamonds. Just do the long steps when away working on other stuff and the manual steps when you have a lack of anything else to do. Heck, ya could even just route the coal dust, coal blocks to a project bench... Hmmm, I might just do that tonight.

    As for whether 64 coal is worth it, what else are you going to use it on? Unless you're a serious Railcraft junkie and need the Creosote there are better alternatives for all other coal uses. Fuel? Scaffolds. Torches? Charcoal. Not only is there more energy in scaffolds wood is renewable, coal is not. I've got stacks of the stuff in my chests and the only intended use for them is Industrial Diamonds.

    And a metric butt-ton of energy and scrap. So let's not forget the interdimensional geothermal and quarry setups. o_O
  13. Zelfana

    Zelfana Well-Known Member

    You can make torches with sticky resin, I just realized that the other day. You can feed coke oven or two with wood and keep a blast furnace lit that way as it accepts charcoal. The only actual need to use coal is for blanking a twilight forest maze/ore map. Other coal should be macerated and either made into carbon plates or diamonds.
  14. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever

    I built the IC diamond generator from Coal just for something to build (in Tekkit). Didn't actually need the resources, the fun bit was working out how to build the system. It get's fed now and again from my quarries and coal dust sorting system. I think I witnessed it once making a diamond.
    I'll definately be building one again under FTB.
  15. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin Active Member

    Since no one else is mentioned it, unless it's changing in the 1.4.5 version, the Coal Chunks can be made with Brick blocks rather than Obsidian, if you haven't yet had a quarry collect a bunch for you. That's quite likely when you're still working your way TO the diamonds needed for your first quarry.
  16. AliasXNeo

    AliasXNeo Active Member

    Confirmed for current version (1.4.2). I use brick blocks in my loigpipes setup as it's significantly cheaper than obsidian.
  17. Bluehorazon

    Bluehorazon Active Member

    Well with TE obsidian ist just a bucket of lava and a bucket of water... not that expensive either. I don't really think that it makes a difference if you use obsidian or bricks, bricks have the advantage that you may have the clay nonetheless because you need it for Coke Ovens and some other machines and obsidian ist just some lava, which is almost unlimited.
  18. lotthunter3

    lotthunter3 New Member

    Thanks every one for helping!!!
  19. Dreossk

    Dreossk Well-Known Member

    What does the hollow hills looks like on the Twilight map?
  20. Icarus White

    Icarus White Active Member

    If you're willing to mess about with Soul Shards, someone pointed out another way to do it:

    Set up a high tier blaze spawner, feed the dust into a centrifuge (I think), and get coal dust that way, then feed it into the industrial diamond process. Technically renewable, just painfully, painfully slow. May or may not be faster than the Rock Crusher, but certainly uses fewer diamonds for setup.

    If you're willing to spend weeks on a fun hobby, you could also try breeding up Diamond Bees from ExtraBees - that would be simpler in the final automation, but a steep climb uphill in the meantime.

    Oh, and TE provides the Igneous Extruder, which can get you obsidian blocks without any diamond tools or fuss. You can even feed it lava from the Magma Crucible if you want renewables.
    Allegedly the Survivalist's Pickaxe can also mine obsidian, but it breaks them at the same speed as your bare hands, so i wouldn't recommend it.

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