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Open Server Devil Dogs Gaming Horizons Server| FTB 1.0.7 | Open | Auctions, Economy, Infernal Mobs and much more

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by S4BRE, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. S4BRE

    S4BRE New Member

    IP: horizons.devildogsgaming.net

    FTB Pack: Horizons 1.0.7

    No Griefing.
    Trolls Will Be Returned To Their Caves.
    Cursing Is Allowed, But Abusive Language is not.
    Arguing With Staff Is Not Tolerated.
    PVP is allowed, but being abusive is not.

    Disabled/Banned Items:
    This is a tired rank server. Meaning some item are not available till higher ranks. These are not buy ranks, but earned through game play and how you act on the server.
    Chunk loaders are allowed but limited.

    Beta (well kinda). Any changes we make will be server side as in plugins.

    Play Style:
    We are a community ran by adults. This is a build server first and a pvp server second. We do have grief prevention in place, but as you know its not always effective. In the case you get griefed our staff will try and identify who and get your items back :) .. We are pretty laid back and just want to game :)

    Normal BUT we are running infernal mobs.

    80 (this can increase)

    Dual i7 3.7ghz
    32g Ram
    256 SSD
    5tb Backup
    100mb connection
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  2. Paradox2018

    Paradox2018 New Member

    Is the server down.. I can't join and it doesn't show up
  3. S4BRE

    S4BRE New Member

    oh crap thanks typo in the address *updated*
  4. S4BRE

    S4BRE New Member

    anyone know how to update the title of the thread?
  5. Paradox2018

    Paradox2018 New Member

    Click on thread tools up top I think
  6. S4BRE

    S4BRE New Member

    awesome thanks
  7. Paradox2018

    Paradox2018 New Member


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  8. Jess1801

    Jess1801 New Member

    Do plan on resetting your world in order to update the server to v1.0.9?
  9. S4BRE

    S4BRE New Member

    yes if the major lag issues are gone i will test this week[DOUBLEPOST=1389070281][/DOUBLEPOST]we auctally opened a monster server as well

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