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Open Server DeVco |TPPI2 0.1.1 | Open | PvP | 24/7 | Pex | QuickShop | GriefPreventionPlus | GPPCities

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Bloodytears0923, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Bloodytears0923

    Bloodytears0923 New Member


    DeVco FTB TPPI2 0.1.1
    Click to visit our website

    Server Specs:
    Processor: Intel Xeon E5 1620v2 (4 cores / 8 Threads)
    Frequency: 3.7GHz+ (3.9GHz Turbo Boost)
    RAM: 32 GB DDR3
    Our Server Rules

    Full listing of banned items based on ranks

    General Info:
    Thank you for visiting our server promotion thread. We are a well established community on a new server recently started by a well experienced staff team. They know their stuff and are easily approachable!

    • We are using GriefPrevention to protect your land
    • PVP survival server (No PVP in claims)
    • QuickShop is installed for easy shopping. Be sure to checkout the /warp shops
    • Voting for our server rewards you with points to use in game or at the donation store for special items.
    • Server donation shop with a diverse set of kits/ranks to choose from
    • Several ranks in game which unlock banned items and more commands. Promotions are automated based on play time

    Be sure to check out our other servers running FTB modpacks:

    DeVco FTB Direwolf20
    DeVco FTB Infinity
    DeVco FTB Regrowth
    DeVco FTB Resurrection
    DeVco FTB The Dark Trilogy
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  2. Babyblasphemy

    Babyblasphemy New Member

    Having a really good time, helpful staff too
    Much fun!
    Very recommend!
  3. liam12342

    liam12342 New Member

    awesome server! very little lag and helpful staff!
  4. neo_orma

    neo_orma New Member

    staff are very reasonable and im having a lot of fun building my town
  5. Chinthor

    Chinthor New Member

    What happened to TPPI? It tells me there are missing DartCraft items and that I cannot connect to this server. Should probably note that another TPPI server I was using is working fine. You both are suposedly running the same pack version. And DevCo TPPI was working for me yesterday.
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  6. Ugry_Duckring

    Ugry_Duckring New Member

    So don't join this server. You donate then decide to question why STAFF has all big plot shops in the mall you get a threat to mute on forums then when I ask the owner why he lets his staff attack people especially his donators he calls me a baby lmao.What a joke. Their staff has been know to use creative to get mats, they don't answer tickets and their servers go down WAY too much.

    This is the owners message to me and mine to him.
  7. devryb

    devryb New Member

    The thread he's referring to is here and public viewable so people can judge the server for themselves :)
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  8. Dadand

    Dadand New Member

  9. Chinthor

    Chinthor New Member

    Awesome sauce
  10. Ugry_Duckring

    Ugry_Duckring New Member

    This all started as me posting my opinion, it proceeded by staff getting upset :/ wasnt trying to attack I was fine and dandy until this Admin Threatened to mute me on the forums :/


    I would also like to point out that I was fine and dandy to drop the thread AFTER Bloody said she was done(Please note * I didn't post until after I was threatened with a mute.). Now some may call me immature but when you run a business or a server you have to have preventative measures in place so staff don't abuse their perms, for instance this happened i think a week ago with a Devco Staff member where he was caught using a tesseract attached to the creative energy cell of Devco Town to power his machines for WEEKS without being caught. He has since been removed but I just thought that if one staff can do it why not have a preventative measures in place to prevent them from possibly ruining the economy.

    To be perfectly clear on this server I have roughly $100k in my town and/or on my person so I am not a NEWBIE When I made the post it was to find out if other ppl felt the same way, Now before all of this I posted a question to dev here:
    So I then posted.

    After being threatened with a mute on the forums for this I got mad, you don't threaten a person who helps keep your business/ service running by telling him shut up or else.

    Not smart Dude...

    Anyway I think that I have said all I can but I'm purdy sure they will retort with "That was not a threat but yeah here"
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  11. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    Reminder: one thread, one critique, one rebuttal. These aren't discussion threads. I'm going to let this post (and the other over in the other thread) stand as the critique. Devryb's reply in the other handles it fairly well I think. Somebody from staff can answer it over here as well.

    Any further replies re: this incident after that that aren't about the server promotion itself will get kicked back. This section of these forums are for server promotions, not server slapfights. We aren't the Server Police (thank god) and besides providing this much of a platform for review we go no further.

    As for the account name, if somebody is actually (not potentially) offended by it, that needs to be taken up with an admin.
  12. bo39

    bo39 New Member

    love the staff there all really nice
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  13. TronStar

    TronStar New Member

    Very nice staff, very fun minecraft server
  14. draian

    draian New Member

    It's a nice server, very fun! come on guys
  15. chillcoldcoolaid

    chillcoldcoolaid New Member

  16. Bloodytears0923

    Bloodytears0923 New Member

    Brand new map! Just reset when version 1.1.2 went to recommended. Great community, competent staff, and 24/7 support! Come join the DeVco family for all your TPPI adventures.
  17. Lepsutin

    Lepsutin New Member

    Awesome server with one of the best modpacks out there
  18. Biggz1313

    Biggz1313 New Member

    Been playing now for about 2 days. Everyone seems very friendly, and it's not impossible to get on your feet and going on your own. I'm really looking forward to being a part of this server, the community seems huge and helpful. TPPI as it is evolving is turning into, in my opinion, the best pack to play on. It is extremely balanced with the ability to make a map last a looooooong time. Very excited to play on this server!
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  19. meanmanmartinez

    meanmanmartinez New Member

    Great community, competent staff, and 24/7 support! Love the server!
  20. Prizzianna

    Prizzianna New Member

    I have been playing Minecraft for almost a year now and on several different servers. deVco has been one of the best ones out there followed by MindYourMine. I am an IT Professional (since 1970) and also ran several game servers for 12+ years (anyone that played Battle for Europe or Victory in Europe would know me as Scubashark). I can honestly say that the owners of deVco are very active and try very hard to make their servers a fun and well run place to play. Yes, sometimes their staff will let them down, but let's be fair and understand that MANY MC players are kids and some of them have been given the opportunity to show maturity and help staff the server. Some fail, but many have done very well and for those that fail badly, the owners take appropriate action quickly. This is the least "drama driven" server I've played on. Players and staff are great.

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