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Open Server DeVco | Resurrection 1.0.0 | Open | PvP | 24/7 | Pex | QuickShop | GriefPreventionPlus | GPPCities

Discussion in 'Resurrection' started by devryb, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. devryb

    devryb New Member


    DeVco FTB Resurrection

    Click to visit our website

    Server Specs:

    Processor: Intel Xeon E5 1620v2 (4 cores / 8 Threads)
    Frequency: 3.7GHz+ (3.9GHz Turbo Boost)
    RAM: 32 GB DDR3
    Our Server Rules
    Server Help

    Full listing of banned items based on ranks
    General Info:
    Thank you for visiting our server promotion thread. We are a brand new community on a new server recently started by a well experienced staff team. They know their stuff and are easily approachable!

    • We are using ChestPreventionPlus to protect your land
    • GPPCities (A GP addon) is also installed for those that long for the Towny feel
    • PVP survival server (No PVP in claims)
    • QuickShop is installed for easy shopping. Be sure to checkout the /warp shops
    • Voting for our server rewards you with points to use in game or at the donation store for special items.
    • Server donation shop with a diverse set of kits/ranks to choose from
    • Several ranks in game which unlock banned items and more commands. Promotions are automated based on play time

    Be sure to check out our other servers running FTB modpacks:

    DeVco Regrowth
    DeVco FTB Infinity
    DeVco Direwolf20
    DeVco TPPI
    DeVco FTB The Dark Trilogy
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  2. BLSmith2112

    BLSmith2112 New Member

    The link on the TPPI Server for an extra chunk leads to the previous (closed) Monster server. Replying here to say the server is great. I'd like an extra chunk or so to build on.
  3. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks for pointing that out, fixed in game now :)
  4. Docxx

    Docxx New Member

    Excellent server, staff are friendly and professional. Virtually lag free for me. the ranking system is brilliant tied in with the Donation system.

    I will most likely donate and stay on the server for some time :)
  5. TDxpancakes

    TDxpancakes New Member

    Great server, it never lags, however 70% of the time my ping is 1200ms+.
  6. windgaard

    windgaard New Member

    Awesome server, with a minimum of lagg. The only thing im a bit "sad" about is that i lost what i had in monster when this mod replaced it. But i find this mod to be better and more challeging than monster, and that i like
  7. DarkXenoZ

    DarkXenoZ New Member

    Great server, not much lag , but not so much people in here =(
  8. ganglyalexander

    ganglyalexander New Member

    my time on the server so far has been great, with only small amounts of lag here and there.
  9. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Is this due to your location? Otherwise feel free to send me a WinMTR report so we can see where the issue lies and to see if we can fix it.
  10. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Moved auto restarts to every 6h now instead of 3h for testing
  11. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks to a new feature in Grief Prevention Plus from KaiNoMood we have unbanned quite a few items from all of the servers.

    Take a look at the banned items list to see these changes and enjoy :)

    Expect further reductions to the banned items over the next few weeks.

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