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Open Server DeVco | Crash Landing 1.1.3 | Open | PvE/PvP | 24/7 | Pex | Island World | Boss Shop

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by devryb, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. devryb

    devryb New Member

    DeVco Crash Landing 1.1.3
    Click to visit our website
    Click for instructions on how to join

    Server Specs:
    Processor: Intel Xeon E3 1240v3 (4 cores / 8 Threads) Haswell
    Frequency: 3.4GHz+ (3.8GHz Turbo Boost)
    RAM: 32 GB DDR3
    Our Server Rules

    Full listing of banned items based on ranks
    General Info:
    Thank you for visiting our server promotion thread. We are a brand new community on a new server recently started by a well experienced staff team. They know their stuff and are easily approachable!​

    • Landing Site is automatically protected as soon as you start
    • PVP in the ruins world, PvE in the crash landing world
    • Adminshop accessible with /b for basic materials
    • Voting for our server rewards you with server points that can be used on any of our other servers.
    • Several ranks in game which unlock banned items and more commands. Promotions are automated based on play time

    Be sure to check out our other servers running FTB modpacks:

    DeVco FTB Direwolf20
    DeVco FTB Monster
    DeVco TPPI
    DeVco The Dark Trilogy
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  2. DaEpicMiner326

    DaEpicMiner326 New Member

    Great server. Rewards for loyality on any of the multitude of servers helps out with progress on its other server. Great system , must try server for any modpack users
  3. IcepickJosh

    IcepickJosh New Member

    I logged in for the first time today on this server. It was surprisingly lag-free, and the people chatting were really helpful. I've been looking for a multiplayer crash landing server, and I'm glad I checked this one out.
  4. Moon_FaLL

    Moon_FaLL New Member

    The server is pretty nice hadn't had any lag issues and the in-game menu is pretty handy
  5. IcepickJosh

    IcepickJosh New Member

    I've made some good progress on my base and just reached member status! I have my base walled off and lit up, and just built my pneumatic chamber. Next on my list is to get my smeltery running and start working on power generation. Overall the server has been a blast to play on and I'm having a good time.
  6. Hearts_Stripes

    Hearts_Stripes New Member

    This is really a great server, my whole family is playing on it. Hardly ever lags and have seen no rude players whatsoever. - Hearts_Stripes
  7. Tico01

    Tico01 New Member

    This server is my favorite modpack server. Nice server DevoCoCrew! <#
  8. Bloodytears0923

    Bloodytears0923 New Member

    We try our best!
  9. Dmyster

    Dmyster New Member

    I enjoy this server quite a bit... Came on and it because apparent that the admins and owner out a lot of work in making you feel welcome as well as comfortably situated! I enjoy the collaboration with my team mate as the island system works very well! The server is virtually lag free and when on the off chance it does restart then its up back in seconds! Great work guys... Keep it up XD
  10. sonicelariny123

    sonicelariny123 New Member

    Awesome Server!
  11. nmophj

    nmophj New Member

    Best server.. I really hoping to be really good with my friends.
  12. eytndrhgsthwrtbhsfh

    eytndrhgsthwrtbhsfh New Member

    This is a Really good server. I like how by telling you our opinions, we get 200. Iseenoises22
  13. ViviRouce

    ViviRouce New Member

    One of my favorite modpack related servers! There is almost always staff online, and other players tend to be friendly and helpful. The ten lives they give you, versus the normal one in a singleplayer, is super helpful especially in the beginning. I get to play with one of my good friends, which also a huge plus!
  14. Proskillz13

    Proskillz13 New Member

    Great Server, Is Very Challenging..
  15. saelong88

    saelong88 New Member

    well if you played crash landing before, you should know it's challenging, the server is set to equal trade, mod greifing false, 10 lives. the community can be quite helpful at times, as well as just ignore you. the chat system is set up to list chat from other mod packs. generally the staffs are on from 6:00 pst to 18:00 pst. if you have any trouble within the game, the community would help by giving tips and such or filing a ticket would get staff to answer your plied quickly.
  16. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Server was updated to 1.1.3 a few days back fyi
  17. looperlord

    looperlord New Member

    i just joined thaught there would be insane lag but nope lag free it is worth my time i hope i will stay long:)
  18. redXephosX

    redXephosX New Member

    I've got 3 things about this server that I like. 1: There's a shop so you can buy things in case you run out. 2: There's a chisel feature so you don't have to craft a chisel to actually make blocks with patterns. And 3: You get 10 lives to start with. Great for those who tend to make fatal mistakes.
  19. devryb

    devryb New Member

    Thanks for the comments :)
    The chisel feature was actually added due to a serious dupe bug found with the default chisel interface
  20. Sikamaru92

    Sikamaru92 New Member

    Класс! Супер сервак!

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