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Greylist Server Detritus Server|[Ultimate 1.0.1]|Custom Town Support and Protections|Multiple Worlds and Space

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by runBAMrunfaster, May 1, 2013.

  1. runBAMrunfaster

    runBAMrunfaster New Member

    Wait, what’s all this noise now?
    What? You mean you haven’t heard? Are you Dense or Something? What the hell do you think this is? It’s the Goddamn Detritus Server.

    Detritus Server? And that would be...?
    Us, ya dingbat! Specifically, Detritus is the name of our server and attached community who have been crafting mines all the way since alpha. It’s only recently that we’ve formalized our friendship in an unbreakable pact of serverdom and we’d like you to join in with us (even though you didn’t even send a card).

    Why should I care? What’s so special about you guys?
    A free high five for every new member and a high-five-threeway for every referral!

    On the serious though, here’s what we’ve got going for us:

    • Open, Free-for-all pvp, venture into the wilds at your own risk!
    • Feed The Beast Ultimate modpack with the full suite of mods!
    • Town support with protections! Keep your stuff safe! Group up with friends and new allies and watch each other’s backs!
    • Multi-planet gameplay! Colonize like it’s fourteen hundred and ninety-two!
    • And did we mention Space? Because Space.

      Though you should be aware that for balance reasons we've disabled Equivalent Exchange, disabled public use of Mystcraft to facilitate planets and keep our serves from dying, disabled the gravity gun and limited use of the portal gun (personal "Bacon guns" are still in but sorry, no Atlas or P-body guns :-[...). The server isn't currently in Beta, but we are working on refining a system to allow for proper war, conquest, and town turnover via siege.

    Okay, so maybe I might be a little interested. How do I check you guys out?
    Good question, straw man! The first thing you need to do is go get yourself some Feed the Beast, you can find that here:


    Once that’s downloaded, you can sign up for full membership on our servers, here:


    Don’t forget to make an app! We’ll usually get to it in less than a day and, barring any apparent psychopathy, you’ll usually get approved without much fuss.

    Or, if you’re the more direct type and don’t want to wait around for our forum mods, you can always jump straight into our server from FTB at this IP address:

    Okay, wait, so I can just log on now without being whitelisted? Why sign up at all?
    Another great question from a great pretend person! We at Detritus are really big into the idea of “Try before you buy” so we’d like everyone to join us to see how they like things before they go and commit with an application. That being said, it’s only with full membership that you can join and create towns so until then, you’re on your own! It is possible to make it all the way to space, even travel to other planets without full membership, but you do so at your own risk.

    Alright...I’m interested, but I’m not sold yet...what else ya got?
    Really? You must be really discerning because this is our A-Game. But did we mention that You can ally two towns into a country? Two countries into a kingdom? Two Kingdoms into an Empire? How’d you like to be [insert name here], Emporer of the planetTau Leng, ally to the underwater Basinites? Because you can totally do that. The Basinites would totally high-five you and murder your enemies, too. They’re cool like that.

    Maybe you’re more the Mad scientist type though? How’d you like to set up an entire automated production facility run by little top-hatted golems? Because you can totally do that too and they also come with little bowlers. It’s adorable. And mad.

    Or maybe you’re just the type who likes to stroll off to their own little corner of the world and build up a little farm with a little dirt shack with mostly vanilla stuff and maybe a few extra machines to get the most out of your ores and you know what? You’re a little boring, but you can totally do that too.

    In Review:





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